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The one who does the tours in Chicago as she recognized me now is interviewed by our regional magazine. If you read Apt. #2W and my second collection you will notice that these places I written about and been to some of them; Ursula also had written about them too. The interview you can read below as I am working on a blog entry of my own in the meantime talking about my new material. This will be the second book back online featuring Halloween On Camera. I will ask my mother to send a copy to Ursula on my behalf because she would like to read about my first ghost hunt. This story was based upon this but set two years before my actual hunt.
     This story made a lot of waves when I introduced it because it was the same size as Call of the Cthulhu. My mother read the bonus story that would be included in An Eye In Shadows. I will have an in depth blog following this one as it will take some time. I am noticed in paranormal circles here in Chicago too but I am waiting for them to see the second collection. I wonder how much she’s written about the entire triangle as this is known to be haunted as C. C. Wilson immortalized my apartment as 8231 W. 79th Street is the Chicago’s version of 22 B. Baker’s Street. I wish I can find the website that first featured a link to my story where I can give them the new link.

Mysterious Heartland

Ursula Bielski is Chicago’s resident paranormal expert, an historian, an author, and an entrepreneur. She owns the tour company Chicago Hauntings, Inc., produces the annual Chicago Ghost Conference, and hosts the WYCC TV show The Hauntings of Chicago. She is the author of Chicago Haunts, Creepy Chicago, More Chicago Haunts, and There’s Something Under the Bed.

Take us back to the beginning. What inspired your first book, Chicago Haunts, and did you ever think you would make a career out of legends and lore? Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

This is the first question people have always asked, and when I respond that I grew up in a haunted house, people still audibly gasp, as if it’s some unheard-of thing, despite how common we are now finding ghost and haunting phenomena to be.  And I did.  My mom still lives in the house…

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