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For many years I had wondered about this; our urban legend — the pet shark we have in Lake Michigan; I am going to give him a name so you guys can talk about him as he’s a resident. I am going to give him the name Dagon after the H. P. Lovecraft story of the same name. If you see Dagon be very careful because he’s a bull shark and they’re very aggressive. Haven’t you seen the Shark Week with the one where the shark chewed off part of a man’s back calf. There is going to be a hell of an introduction from me when Sinister Souls is done as I am going to mention this urban legend as WGN is the hat tip with this.
     ”You’re not making this up?”
     See the reblog man for yourself. Are you sure some of you still want to go swimming at Montrose Beach? I walked the beach after going to see The Blind and the Dead that urban legend was in my mind for awhile. We’ve known for years that a Bull Shark had been spotted in Alton, Illinois, but are they capable of swimming all the way up Illinois’ water ways because some parts of the rivers are said to be 2 feet deep or four feet in some parts; so I am thinking this shark did well in the four feet deep waters. They have been prone to attack in shallows as Red Water when they did this did have a lot of fact based elements when they created an radio controlled shark for the movie.
     They were also found in Potomac River as the Bull Shark is known by regional names. Leviathan’s Ghost became more diabolical when you realize a Chicagoan was able to come up with something like this and do we need to make this up? This is the strangest shark story we ever heard so that’s why I think this is going into the introduction when I write to Sinister Souls; because when you’re from Chicago — you really don’t have to make shit up when it’s weird enough. That’s why I don’t understand why Stephen Glass had to fabricate his articles all he needed to do was look in his back yard for the bizarre.


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Photographer Michal Furmanek spotted what he thinks could be a shark in Lake Michigan.

He was taking pictures of the sunrise at Fort Sheridan Beach July 11 when he snapped the photos. Originally he believed the fin-like shape protruding from the water was just a piece of driftwood, but upon reexamination he thought it may be a shark.

Bull sharks have been seen in Lake Michigan, but it is very rare.

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