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This is why I must speak out against homosexuality so vehemently and with conviction the way I do because having published a man who escaped from this lifestyle. This gives more a resolve to the abomination that is homosexuality. Her father, a science fiction writer raped his own daughter! This is fucking sick man and she came out to tell her brave story for Ask The Bigot.com. Those of you who want to hate me for speaking out or try to end my career take time and hear from the daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley as this is eye-opening.
     And Poppy Z. Brite and Andrew Wolter along with Kody Boye want to make this acceptable? That’s how you have someone like Jerry Sandusky or that Catholic Priest in 2002. Or even Ted Haggard for that matter. You will see the Ted Haggard video from Oprah included with this reblog so you can read about the Christian controversy Haggard related as he was admitting to fucking a man.
      I would rather sleep on a park bench than share a bed with a man as you will see in Dirty Black Winter where I address Poppy Z. Brite by her given birth name in the second story within the collection. I would rather wake up on a park bench in middle of Baltimore’s historic district and catch my death from pneumonia from the elements than take my chances in another man’s bed. It’s disgusting to begin with.


I was born into a family of famous gay pagan authors in the late Sixties. My mother was Marion Zimmer Bradley, and my father was Walter Breen. Between them, they wrote over 100 books: my mother wrote science fiction and fantasy (Mists of Avalon), and my father wrote books on numismatics: he was a coin expert.

What they did to me is a matter of unfortunate public record: suffice to say that both parents wanted me to be gay and were horrifed at my being female. My mother molested me from ages 3-12. The first time I remember my father doing anything especially violent to me I was five. Yes he raped me. I don’t like to think about it. If you want to know about his shenanigans with little girls, and you have a very strong stomach, you can google the Breendoggle, which was the scandal which ALMOST drummed…

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