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This is an interesting article how Conservativism changed heavy metal; Morton Downey Jr. defended heavy metal! I do explore his subject matter as there is a blog I am sharing how Heavy Metal now — is a unique trend as Dave Mustaine openly is Conservative as Danzig is quoted in the beginning of Legend Keeper about what he said of Obama. I also find what Obama is doing very disturbing. Conservative Commentator defended heavy metal music. Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart — it’s haunting because my cousin who tries to make claims about taking my company over is a first cousin too. Zip It! comes to mind when you deal with Someone could picture me when I smoked blowing smoke in the face of a KKK grand wizard. When Darren McKeeman and I went at it in 2005; I remember urinating on his photograph and uploading the aftermath. They still talk about that to this day with utter shock.
     My one cousin when I told her about that, “You did what? :laughing: Brutal.” Morton Downley was brutal, “Pablum puking liberal” I wish I wrote that into Legend Keeper. Though the story I could been someone who is a kindred spirit to Robert Downley, Jr. that sense. Well the new story I am working on is got a higher range and 1000 words later; I was at 3400 word range too and Encyclopedia Dramatica mocks those who do the higher than 9000 words.
     Don’t give a damn. Well those of you who read this blog; if Sarah Jezebel Deva refuses to understand about the PRMC as she would be a Democrat because some of the issues she’s vocal about some of them overlap Democrats; as much as I am vocal about the voiceless I have to speak up for the unborn too. I am a Conservative and I find it cool that Conservatism and heavy metal are accepted. But you have Jimmy Swaggart protesting because of his cousin.
     I pointed this to Michael [Sweet] as he mentioned Swaggart in his own book. Then you have Jimmy Swaggart going and bagging a 20 year old woman like a rock star. Doth Protest Too Much comes to mind. Define Irony — seeing what he said of Slayer; WOW! That’s beyond cool in my eyes. Well I do wonder what was up Jimmy Swaggart’s ass originally about Hard Rock/Heavy Metal but it’s got origins with his own first cousin. I am wondering how long had Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Lee Lewis had a cousin rivalry. My friends in Chicago call me heavy metal’s literary defender; and reading something like this I have a responsibility to do so.

Attack the System

ind6ex Impaled Nazarene, while not being conservative or traditional in much of a measurable way, is very nationalistic in many of their songs, displaying an affinity for anti-communism and Finnish nationalism.

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Morton Downey Junior was considered a precursor to the type of American conservative talk show hosts we have today. Conservatism previously had been associated with aristocracy, but with dilettantes like William F Buckley who presented an image of ostensible nobility, this contrasted the authentic manner in which Traditionalism descends from Joseph De Maistre or Julius Evola, both of whom were actual noblemen. The Buckley kind of holier than thou conservatism, it’s image born of free-market absolutism and corporate worship appears in America as a simulacrum of aristocracy, carried on by guys like Mitt Romney, presented conservatism as mere rich man’s politics, rather than the preservation of a national or Traditional identity. These…

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