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What I am working on one of them will help someone like this change the approach how this Senior will be able to approach his faith in God — I want to reach out to this teenager and see one of those tracts. The reason I am working on the Lock ‘n Key Project and what I did with my namesakes gave a way for Christians not to get suspended but leave the doors open to discuss their faith in God without given a load of shit. Especially this is in the area where Christine Morgan lives and happened during when I was preparing my testimony for publication on CreateSpace.com. I admire this kid’s guts but damn man; you need to be a little more creative how you do this.
     Kid I admire your guts but you need to be more creative how you are going to accomplish what you will accomplish because having my column in college was how I touched many hearts; the whole thing with being uncensored was effective with how I did things. I knew I am off-the-cuff and that’s what made what I did effective. I am working on new material that does invoke critical thought and Christians (young earth types really don’t apply critical thought in what they do.) I found out one of the Creation Liberty members does hang out in one of the larger groups I am a regular of. With this kid has he burned a book or burned down a library?

“For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

I wonder what they are going to make of my clever writing styles as I am going to have a few clever stories in my catalog. King James Only types really don’t like when someone is real and clever as I am known for keeping it very real

Q13 FOX News

EVERETT, Wash. — Michael Leal says he preaches the message from the gospel and hands out Bible tracts every day at his high school — actions that allegedly got him suspended three times in one month.

“Lately it’s been outside, maybe a few times inside, it really depends on where I’m at and where the people are at, as well,” Leal said Wednesday.

The senior at Cascade High School in Everett says he was suspended three times in the month of October for preaching and handing out Bible tracts during school hours on school grounds.

“It’s usually during quiet time, self time, time for yourself, or lunch, after school, before school, stuff like that. I never try to do it to disrupt the school schedule at all,” Leal said.

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After the first suspension, Leal said he contacted an attorney to send the school district a different message.

“Students  don’t leave…

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