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This is going to make it’s way into my story I am writing. The first time I get to read some fucked up news from KIMT as a few of my friends from Mason City haven’t seen this yet well screw it I am going to reblog this one because I am sure some of my readers can appreciate the weird shit. I guess Bubak can’t take the dark weird shit forever well the weird stuff I was looking for. The new story I am writing the word count is currently 3700 words. I am figured I could pass this along as I am always looking for weird stuff for the masses.
     Anything that would get King James Onlyists in an uproar right? Last month a year ago marked the in depth blog entry that torqued off a few King James Onlyists. As I found another fool here. Let’s see him having fun with this now shall we. It will be 16 years ago since I saw The Blair Witch Project at the movie theater. So those of you want to read the following blog entry I will point them to the website for KIMT.