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This is going to make it’s way into my story I am writing. The first time I get to read some fucked up news from KIMT as a few of my friends from Mason City haven’t seen this yet well screw it I am going to reblog this one because I am sure some of my readers can appreciate the weird shit. I guess Bubak can’t take the dark weird shit forever well the weird stuff I was looking for. The new story I am writing the word count is currently 3700 words. I am figured I could pass this along as I am always looking for weird stuff for the masses.
     Anything that would get King James Onlyists in an uproar right? Last month a year ago marked the in depth blog entry that torqued off a few King James Onlyists. As I found another fool here. Let’s see him having fun with this now shall we. It will be 16 years ago since I saw The Blair Witch Project at the movie theater. So those of you want to read the following blog entry I will point them to the website for KIMT.


Even though it’s become the defining cinema genre of the early 21st century, there’s nothing new or modern about “found footage” films.  Orson Welles did the same thing on the radio in 1938 and got a reaction of which today’s “found footagers” can only dream.  “Cannibal Holocaust” brought the same idea to the big screen in 1980, which worked so well I believe the movie is still officially banned in some countries today.  But it was only in the last dying gasps of the 20th century that a small band of filmmakers with big dreams and little money managed to redefine cinema for the YouTube age before YouTube even existed.  And then an even smaller band of filmmakers came along a few years later and perfected that redefinition.  However, as this edition of KIMT’s Weekend Throwdown proves, being first is often much better than being best as it’s…

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