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While the author features a movie with the blog as he features the host of the movie.  The photo is from her own linkedin.com channel.   Pacione weighs on on a new sect that's a King James Only as he saw one of them hammering into Michael Sweet and a few others too.

While the author features a movie with the blog as he features the host of the movie. The photo is from her own linkedin.com channel. Pacione weighs on on a new sect that’s a King James Only as he saw one of them hammering into Michael Sweet and a few others too. Speaks of his new release which is now his seventh book as came out two weeks ago.
     This was the first blog he wrote using Google Docs. The fonts employed came from that program. Pacione was attempting to get a good discussion going on Anointed Writers Group but it was a tricky thing threading a camel through a needle kind of thing.

Well I am going to say I do have progress on the new short story‭; ‬been working on this a while too and waiting for one more part on the one anthology.‭ ‬I got a last minute submission and will say the anthology that became the project started on Linkedin is‭ ‬185‭ ‬pages on the body of the book.‭ ‬Some I guess when looking on blog sites or with twitter can’t carry a thought longer than‭ ‬2000‭ ‬words without batting an eye.‭
     “Why do you write short stories when you should be reading the Divine Inspiration only‭?”
     with such one who tried that with me.‭ ‬That’s how this new story I am working on came to be.‭ ‬I really like how this story is going too with how it’s written too as I’ve seen a rejection letter here and there with one short story as they liked how it’s written but doesn’t quite match what they do.‭ ‬I will say this much when observing Creation Liberty Evangelism the more I read into them the kind of story I am writing is going to drive it home.‭ ‬They are a King James Only Advocate who is getting in the hair of the heavy metal subculture.‭
     The ideas I have with this story were left over from when I wrote my testimony out as a full length book and as I published Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape.‭ ‬There are ideas there when you look at this blog there is enough of them to go around for writers to have an anthology published here and there.‭ ‬I will say this much with the new story it’s got an aspect that reminded me of Gothicism on Trial when I wrote this.‭ ‬When contributing to the Illinois history page I need to remember to town down the language what I am writing with my new story‭ ‬–‭ ‬the aspect I am well known for is letting‭ “‬fuck‭” ‬fly.‭ ‬I am not allowed to post on a historian’s group‭ ‬because I shared a part about the Latin Kings that was vital with‭ ‬Legend Keeper in how I developed this story.‭
     This well the story itself I am going to say this much‭; ‬does one think I am going to wimp out on the delivery because I believe in God‭? ‬Hell no I tested this out on a few people and they were going,‭ “‬man you reveal truths in this.‭” ‬The story well more or less plays up what I came across when I was‭ ‬19-22‭ ‬years old but taking a darker turn and introducing a brand new character into the mix.‭ ‬The new story I am working on the character is based upon the youth pastor who gave me a load of shit in Iowa.‭ ‬It’s hard to believe in November will be‭ ‬16‭ ‬years since I came back to Illinois and Joliet‭; ‬and talking with a place in Lombard about doing a possible release party but waiting for the last parts of the new anthologies to be done.
     It took more than a year to get to the point I am at with the one project but the other one came together a little bit faster with the page count and size of the anthology.‭ ‬The aspect with the one I am still taking submissions if you’re born between‭ ‬1973-1979‭ ‬or graduated between‭ ‬1991-1997‭ ‬goes with the five year memoir as the word count is very distinct meaning‭ ‬2400-8800‭ ‬words if you’re not an alumni of the imprint.‭ ‬The ideas this story has are distinct as I can imagine how many are going to say,‭ “‬You’re stirring up a real hornet’s nest Pacione.‭” ‬Well when you’re toying with history some of an area and using traits of what one is known for‭ ‬–‭ ‬i.e.‭ ‬Gothic Horror one is going to see some heads rolling.‭
     When you don’t write for‭ ‬11-13‭ ‬year olds‭; ‬and approaching subject matter where you are not going to fit the Sunday School lesson of the week.‭ ‬The story I am writing is going to challenge the King James Only Movement even harder and go even darker when I do so.‭ ‬My first collection addressed the Loss of Faith head on as Dirty Black Winter went into the depths of it.‭ ‬Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape I was having fun with my then newly found respect for my faith in God and keeping my edge from when I was in my early‭ ‬20s.‭ ‬The new short story I am working on brings me back to Iowa as the setting of the story as it’s darkly introspective in the way it’s done.‭ ‬Legend Keeper addressed the gang issue head on‭ ‬–‭ ‬as this is something you knew about in Glendale Heights,‭ ‬but the rest refused to speak about it in the open.‭
     “This is a younger crowd you can’t speak about gangs and say some strong language‭!”
     “What I was that age and I knew what the R-rated language was.‭”
     Yeah that what comes to mind when you have a younger set who are from Chicago the know what that word means‭ “‬damn‭” ‬or said in dismissal.‭ ‬This new story well I will say this much everything I written within‭ ‬String of Nerves is played up in this one and I am having some fun with this.‭ ‬I got my cousin fighting over my publishing outfit and he doesn’t know a damn thing about publishing.‭ ‬I am pleased to say at least I got the submissions I got for the one project and got the cover designed for this but waiting for the introduction for this.‭ ‬I guess they never heard a ten-eleven year old kid dropping the f-bomb before.
     Well working on the new story I am fleshing out‭ ‬–‭ ‬some need to not judge my work on Insect because I’ve written more than this one.‭ ‬I can’t believe my own cousin would want to think of something very illegal and put me behind prison for something he did.‭ ‬When you’re own cousin‭ ‬–‭ ‬a first cousin wants to ruin you is something I don’t understand at all.‭ ‬Though anyway those of you reading this blog I am going to invite those who want to do guest submissions I will leave that open and the word count for guest blogs are going to be‭ ‬2400-3400‭ ‬words a pop.‭
     The whole idea that Christians are bothered by ideas that come up with that are researched and came to be their own‭; ‬they don’t want to admit they own something right‭? ‬Well all in all the new story‭ ‬–‭ ‬or much of my subject matter I avoid writing stories for an altar call as I am not a minister.‭ ‬Sherri Hibbett/Parker expected every author with their fiction or creative nonfiction outings to have some kind of altar call but when I am writing about real world scenarios that Christians don’t like speaking about.‭
     “Gasp‭; ‬you’re a Christian and you said what‭?
     “Yes I dropped the f-bomb,‭ ‬get over it.‭”
     I guess some don’t like talk of the grimness of reality too as everyone expects history to be all roses in Illinois.‭ ‬Look you had to deal with Al Capone and John Wayne Gacy‭ ‬–‭ ‬what the hell are you supposed to do when you discuss the grim history‭; ‬ignore it happened‭? ‬When one looks at Bonnie‭ ‘‬n Clyde:‭ ‬60172‭ ‬I had spoke to a local who gave me the name of the book store but he was in depth with the name and everything.‭
     The new story has minimal Scripture quotage and everything is well timed with the story too and I will go with that as well.‭ ‬One thing is this when doing an anthology I have a very distinct vision how something is done and sometimes the other writers might not see it right away until I see the covers and what not.‭
     When I did my namesake anthologies I didn’t have the covers until the very end.‭ ‬Tabloid Purposes:‭ ‬Book Five I had the covers before I had everything else because I shot them myself on a weekend in Chicago.‭ ‬The thing with some of my roster it will be hard to do an anthology which reunites a majority of a key roster because some of us lost touch with each other and a few hate my guts now.‭ ‬I am not going to comment on the authors who hate my guts but I have no problem putting a new anthology together featuring writers with new stories from The House of Pain,‭ ‬been on The Ethereal Gazette,‭ ‬The namesakes or Tabloid Purposes.‭ ‬That’s not a problem but the hard part is getting everyone to really commit to that kind of project.‭
     This anthology I am working on that’s almost ready for print‭; ‬I am the only veteran print author on the roster but one other had been published in print back in‭ ‬2001‭ ‬and the rest everyone is making a debut.‭ ‬Also if you want me to design your covers have your artist ready to work with me too because I specialize with covers by those who draw their covers or do oil paintings‭; ‬I know how to design them around this and practiced designing around a full wraparound artwork with my testimony,‭ ‬The Iliad and Issue Five then the ensemble anthology will have the credits on other direction by one of the writers.‭ ‬I have to be careful with the layout with this one so I don’t take away from the artwork.‭ ‬I will design for horror,‭ ‬urban fantasy,‭ ‬alt.‭ ‬history‭ (‬Modern History is my speciality,‭) ‬and science fiction‭ (‬creature or near-future cyberpunk.‭)
     I am going to say this much about the new short story I am not going to wimp out on anything with this one as I am not going to hold back with how it’s done.‭ ‬Seen the feedback I got with a single rejection letter was very encouraging with one story that was done inside of this year too.‭ ‬It’s aggressive too but with a delivery that’s more introspective than most I’ve written.‭ ‬The new stories I wrote I am doing braver and darker subject matter to boot as the historian from the one site got very uncomfortable with what I do address in my work.‭ ‬The dark religious/critical of religion undercurrent one is going to see with the new stories are going to give it it’s darker tone.‭ ‬These new stories are poignant in the way they’re done as that’s the aspect that drives preacher types crazy because all they do is quote and don’t think.‭ ‬The one who zeroed on Sweet I decided to drill him some as he attempted to quote scripture at me and he hated I pulled out my work in progress to counter him.‭ ‬Well I am thinking should I have a character named in his honor and write a dark tale where he’s in a Lovecraftian scenario‭? ‬Oh that’s fucking tempting‭! ‬
     The New Living version of Proverbs‭ ‬14:15‭ ‬said it,‭ “‬Only simpletons believe everything they’re told‭! ‬The prudent carefully consider their steps.‭” ‬I am so tempted to include that into the story I am writing because I tend to be the latter as I consider my steps as a writer and publisher.‭ ‬The new story plays up traits from the exchanges from Hovind’s circle and of the one who had tried to zero in on me but didn’t like the fact I called him on his willful act to be a total fool.‭ ‬The story well what I am writing and some of the stories all within‭ ‬2015‭ ‬are downright disturbing to boot‭; ‬I can’t really fathom how I can get this unnerving but the aspects I am doing are Jungian in tone.‭
     The one who threw this at me‭ ‬–‭ ‬as I recognized it was James‭ ‬2:19,‭ ‬but I am using a modern version to figure out without the thou,‭ ‬this is from the Phillips New Testament,‭ “‬So you believe that there is one God‭? ‬That’s fine.‭ ‬So do all the devils in hell and shudder in terror‭!” ‬The new story plays off these things and play up a unique tone with the story as those who can forgive the quoting two versions in back to back paragraphs.‭ ‬That is their game as one had seen this with Creation Liberty.com.‭ ‬Well the new story I am going to say it’s at about‭ ‬4,500‭ ‬words a little longer than‭ ‬Ghosts in the Tornado or the story that will be introduced within the project that’s almost done.‭ ‬The one I had to bang heads with well more or less doesn’t like thinking like someone who emerged in the‭ ‬20th Century.‭
     The hard thing with someone like this‭ ‬–‭ ‬they had chronicled how one will be as thickheaded as they are.‭ ‬Well more or less when someone discouraged a college education it’s kind of the thing that does break my heart‭; ‬but I guess they would go to UnCollege.‭ ‬The short story well it deals with what I approached when I wrote Damnation Observes a few years ago‭ (‬damn I can’t believe it was years since I wrote this.‭)
     The progress with the one I know one thing‭; ‬how many hornet’s nests I am going to stir when it’s finished because I seen the King James Only types attempt to call what I did blank pages like that youth pastor did.‭ ‬The one who was part of the congregation I was with claimed to be a writer but he didn’t come up with anything remotely his.‭ ‬One of the old church mates wanted me to get rid of my Edgar Allan Poe books and horror books I owned,‭ ‬I explained that I do have them for a reason and the one H.‭ ‬P.‭ ‬Lovecraft book in my collection that first one I own along with my first Bible,‭ ‬a hardcover NIV are still in my collection to this day.‭ ‬Then the other NIV I have I grabbed up since I came back from Canada though that is a bit beaten along the corners of the cover.‭ ‬The one I had in Iowa‭ ‬–‭ ‬I wish I had that still as this had an Apocrypha in there.‭ ‬What I am working on well I am going to say the Onlyite got a glimpse of this and man wasn’t he pleased‭; ‬turned out to be an arrogant asshole to boot.‭
     My novella I did in‭ ‬2005‭ ‬well it plays with Harold Camping’s head a bit how it is set in‭ ‬2013‭ ‬as he would said the world will end in‭ ‬2011.‭ ‬Well the second namesake was published in December of‭ ‬2011‭ ‬so I proved him to be a liar‭; ‬but his followers I am going to say this of you in this entry you were deceived by a charlton.‭ ‬I am going to leave some of you with a movie I found and the photo of the person who is hosting it with her profile you can go to after it’s done.‭ ‬That should keep some of you entertained until I am done with my new short story.‭