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My classmate attempted to use a video by Hagin against me as a few King James Only types too so you have to realize coming into this with a sense of logic. I am a horror author and I create instruments of horror on my own terms and writing a new story that I am writing I am taking these movements dead on because some of the Assemblies of God congregations had took Hagin’s teachings to heart. Word of Faith Movement if you’re listening to this — leave the scares to those who get paid to scare people.
      I looked into this myself so that’s why I am reblogging this; as Stygian Dealer was born out of this and the joke in the story. Where someone was reading a William Hope Hodgson story as Hagin died to him because he wanted to have a mental image of a dying earth in his head as he was burning in hell. This blog entry well it’s about the size of some of my short stories as a horror author as my new story addresses this dead on. I hope this guy doesn’t mind me reblogging this.

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My name is John Edwards, and I was a Faith Preacher for ten years and one month. My wife and I attended and graduated from the premiere word of faith seminary in the world. During school I had the opportunity of working for some of the most famous names in the word of faith movement.

We both graduated from school and returned to the Birmingham area and started a charismatic word of faith church in our living room. We had four people at our first service and took up a $300 offering. Over the years, we moved our church to several locations before building our first building on 18 acres of land in Clay, Alabama. Our church had around 300 active members although less than a hundred would attend on any given Sunday. Over all we estimate that we had at least 2,000 members come and go over that ten…

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