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Before I begin with this blog I guess Kealan knew about how I blasted The Clause he still cares about Bram The Talking Wonder Dog as I said, “why don’t you ask Bram the Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide.” That’s the start of the rapid fire insults on my part and this is the full blown nasty gram realized as he started this fight with me and waiting for him to start it up. I didn’t threaten him persay but told him not to underestimate me again as he did this before.
     I sent him the story as a html page because I am a nice guy. But I could very easy featured it here just to piss the bastard off but I am not. This is Kealan Patrick Burke’s controversy fully realized when I blasted The Clause. This photo is under fair use to put with the e-mail behind the writer. Right from the mouth of potato breath. I banged heads with Kealan before in 2007 when I said if you denied Tabloid Purposes you denied what my roster had done who are no longer around as three members are no longer around since they lost their battle with cancer. I send Kealan into a full blown tirade towards me as both the featured photo and the photo with the entry are equally under the fair use doctrine. He really hates when the truth is put out there at his expense. *popping neck and punching into palms, waves Kealan in to bring it.*

“And if “my fans” plagiarized you, that’s between you and them. I don’t control who reads my books or what they do. Any grown-up with half a brain would know this. You apparently don’t. The fact that you think I’m in any way responsible just proves how utterly deluded and out of touch with reality you are. So go get help and stay off the Internet, you troll fuckhead waste of space.
     I don’t hate you. I don’t give a shit about you, but if you threaten me again, I’ll go to Chicago and put your slimy fucking head through the wall, because YOU, you smelly little shit-for-brains, have absolutely no idea what I’m capable of.”

Sounds like Lulu.com really doesn’t give a flying fuck of someone gets plagiarized as I am guessing they did upload my catalog on Pirate Bay. I guess Pig Feces were still pissed I pulled what I did on July 3rd but they are going around enabling plagiarism of my print exclusive work — Passenger and Ghosts in the Tornado get plagiarized; they are going to say nothing about that. Stay out of Chicago if you know I am going to be present because I will be beating up your male staff members over this. We will see whose blood will pay for something — you want to have the polite bullshit when you saw me get vulgar with you on the phone.
      You pissed on Andrew Ian Dodge’s memory you fucking faggots. That alone you claim the Constitution don’t apply to you — those of you who have questions and want to ask them on the phone. Drop me a message and you will be given Lulu.com’s phone number as they are dodging questions about allowing my work to be plagiarized and I don’t find this funny one bit that they allowed this.
      How the hell can the cunts at Questionable Content justify allowing an Ex-Lulu.com author get plagiarized — they don’t care about the disabled or veterans; nor they can care less about those who had been with them for years. They don’t listen to their long-timers; seems like they will listen to faceless goons filing a fake DMCA complaint over someone who was with them for years. What I am ready to pull will pale in comparison on July 4, 2014, you want the fuck someone like me over — don’t you realize you fuck with the bull you get the horns.
      The fact one of the plagiarist scum contributed in getting my accounts pulled — now he was bragging he’s on Lulu.com with my plagiarized work. I asked them what if my relatives were to get a joint account and allowed me to help them maintain it — would they terminate them too because their last name is Pacione? Way to show Anti-Italianism fucker. You want to really start that game with me playtime is over.
      “We will not put up with this phone harassment!”
      “Bullshit that’s not harassment it’s called being called on your shit! You enabled my work to be plagiarized — print exclusive this is happening too and my memoir was plagiarized how do you justify this?”
      They went into their overly polite dog and pony show when I was getting even more explicit with them and I can tell you I could have a book out of this. If I really churned away at it documenting the nightmare that came in 2008; I wonder if this came from the warning in 2008 saying I fucked up again I would be terminated for good — I didn’t cuss them out back then but it was because of an Ex-Tabloid Purposes author. I had to go through the headache that lasted a week as the reason I couldn’t promote Tabloid Purposes: Book Five is because I had to put up with an ex-author.
      There could be a third tell-all out of this — as my full lengths, An Eye In Shadows. And the testimony are bit of tell-alls — seems like my pattern with a full length book the traits of a tell-all; there is an idea there because I seen what the lies went out there and forcefed. I have an idea for one where it might tie into my blogs — a possible novel too if all goes well.
      The whole thing is they will not respond to the Freedom of Information act as there isn’t much elsewhere one can publish as the protests came when I returned to CreateSpace.com from current era members. News travels fast as I have 508 followers now on twitter — someone is listening and tweeting; but with Lulu.com is not responding to the allegations and PR nightmare they had invoked and man it reaped the whirlwind at boot. Is it possible to sue Lulu.com for damages and for a lie they tossed me out on? I have a possible book idea from this and I can publish this with the print division of Nookpress.com — I wonder if Nookpress.com offers ISBNS as bookbaby.com does. The e-book exclusive will go with Bookbaby.com as you had 7 years of apathy coming as you are going at Lulu.com with the gaping jaws of nihilism and gutteral anger.
      You fuckers lied to my face with a smile — so you want to point the finger knowing that I can’t go on to back up my roster if they get in trouble. How does it feel knowing you kicked out 200 writers — that alone had me going at you as you faggots care more about an audience who can’t vote.
      “We don’t care about the 18-34 demographic we just want a clientel who can’t legally own a debit card.” “Rachel (yes this is one of the Questionable Content’s staff) tell me you cunt; do you even care for those who are no longer around as you pissed on the grave of my roster as two are no longer around!”
      “We will not tolerate that language,” they protested.
      “What — the use of the c-word, my roster uses it as well as ‘fuck’ the favorite word of my roster too — yeah fuck you lady! You are vocal about domestic violence but don’t give a fuck about gang violence.”
      I guess they would rather see me put a size ten in their office door like what you see with American Chopper as they always had to replace the door because someone is putting cracks in the door. Don’t slam a door in my face because I will kick it down — that’s what I was saying to them not to slam doors in my face and asked them would they ban my family knowing they would be doing anthologies featuring my work?
      “Bullshit — I want to see you swearing at me you fucking suit! What elsewhere is there when you’re controversial?”
      No comment — that is the showdown that unfolded as this became the endgame when it is between me and Lulu.com — this is more or less I will not back down when they sent me my tax information before firing me. The CreateSpace.com guys were watching when I did this — as they told me I got a second chance and doing what I can not to bleep that up as I got An Eye In Shadows back online. If the place that I found that allowed my edge came in 2008 I would had been publishing with them in 2009 but when you seen me going at Lulu.com — it is an example what happens when you seen someone burn your ass as I asked for her boss.
      Basically I was setting up to have that one fired — as she claims that they are not governed by the First Amendment. I wonder if they are going to have a rule that’s a terminated offense to publish works of Nickolaus Pacione on Lulu.com if they are another like Legend Keeper or An Eye In Shadows. Smashwords.com is next to see that conversation to see my account reinstated because my computer was down and couldn’t respond I want to make sure I can have a way to make things available digitally to speak up for my work. If I have to go on anonymously and publish that way because Lulu.com operates under anonymous staff members.
      I will be talking with the PR deptmartment when I have a book I am going to write and if I can convince Kevin of Smashwords.com to get his head out of his ass — the thing that he had lied to me about is how I published two e-books that are defamitory when one story was a work of fiction.
      I was far from polite with them as my terminology became even more vile with them as I am waiting for them to transcribe and publish what I said on audio, “If you hear this asshole, turn him unpublished.” Being I was published for ten plus one years in print; I will not let some asshole turn me into an unpublished author — CreateSpace.com might had seen what I pulled with a font art portraying a guy smashing Lulu.com HQ’s square as I have the no symbol over one of their squares.
      Don’t disrespect my roster you fucking cunt — how you assholes lied to me saying you wouldn’t terminate my accounts. Stay out of Chicago if I am going to be present as you will know what happen — I will give blood so I can make you bleed if you are male and in my age bracket. You want to disrespect my roster on the phone — the sorry about my loss bullshit; fuck you lady. Don’t disrespect someone who has grown up in a family of Public Works Workers because you better have a shovel because you’re digging yourself a hole you are not going to get out of — because this is where I am going to bury you with that one.
      That’s when you deal with suits who don’t know jack and shit about Freedom of Speech as Bob Young is a socialist. I am dealing with a bunch of Socialists where they have no problem letting someone publish there who calles God an Athiest that — alone is a controversial statement as I am guessing their credibility is gone within the heavy metal community as I was with AuthorsDen.com two years before I joined that site..
      Lulu.com doesn’t give a fuck about their controversial members as if you’re controversial they’re going to want you gone for some reason. They’re are authorizing plagiarism so those of you who team up with Lulu.com you need to think about that if you take on street gangs or the Klu Kux Klan. They don’t realize I went after the Klan when I was 21 years old — so they need to think about that one, what if my name showed up in an interview as I seen them kissing Cherie M. Priest’s ass. They want to see me in that light as a demon — do they really want to see me as a demon if they are not saying anything about plagiarism they are seeing it as Holocaust Denial. I am sure that statement doesn’t fly too well with them (the public figure rule applies — when you address public figures, all bets are off) Lulu.com staff.
      Weird Al Yankovic avoids using the “fuck” word. I’ve thrown both f-words you know of both of them if you seen my blog — fuck your political correct mentalities because I will shatter them. I piss on your fragile psyche because you think it’s okay for someone to be plagiarized when they were an ex-author of yours. That’s off the table as I doubt Kevin of Smashwords will also say something when I get plagiarized too as he beds with The Devil.
      I guess it’s time that I had a talk with human relations and PR because this is a PR nightamre they have on their hands — they don’t want me talking to above questionable content; I pissed them off when I was asking for above Questionable Conten as I abtly call them Pig Feces. I pulled out Howard Stern laying into Pig Vomit — that’s where I called them Pig Feces (I wonder how many will start calling Questionable Content “Pig Feces” after hearing me say it. There is a book idea wandering around.)
      What is an industry without Pacione like — they want a pre-2002 era when I wasn’t making waves and I was making waves when I wrote Among Shadows and again when Lake Fossil and The Statue were written. So what is an industry without me in the game — I guess Ramsey Campbell wants my career to end, I want to know why when I am the one who can get H. P. Lovecraft in schools. What has Mary Sangiovanni or Kealan Burke had done — jack and shit; as Cherie Priest works for Schoolastic and the author I had a hand in discovering. You should be thanking me for finding Kevin Lucia but I doubt he’s ready for that kind of pressure because he appeared along side me when I was holding back.
      What if he was in there with me and Rivera when we were cussing up a storm. I am thinking when I get this new story written and done — what would Lamplight make of me if they learned I am the guy who pulled out Burke’s story and my story told him this was he was up against, a story he never seen before. I am guessing he would bribe publishers into not running me as I had seen this happen — where Brian Keene bribed James Riser into dropping me when I was offered $25.00 for Spectral Exile. I have to convince Jordan to move Issue 3 of Darkened Horizons to his CreateSpace.com account but let me redesign this and give it a treatment where it will compliment Issue 10. I will be getting a new introduction for Issue Five ready and moved — this will be easier than Issue nine if I can do a mockup back cover and front cover where this will be the size of my testimony. I wonder what Lulu.com would do if my cousins each got Lulu.com accounts and my work started showing up in their publications — “I am sorry you have an author who we banned on roster because of Legend Keeper, he’s not allowed but plagiarism of his work is acceptable.”
      The writers I have no quams with but where I go at it is with is the Powers that Be as they see me as a demon but I will be making their phone number available to those who want to ask questions — get vulgar with the phrasing as they “love” strong language. Your rules don’t apply to me now — you fucked yourself when you had thrown off controversial authors, I hope the next one you get is another like me who is a mover and shaker as you are anti-Conservative — you see as another day closed for a reason or another where The 4th of July you should had remained open.
      I am making sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else — so get that through your sorry skull right now do you need a fucking lobotomy when you realized you allowed my catalog to be plagiarized and thinking you will not intervine. Would you intervine when the Holocaust happened? Or would you take part in a book burning with them as I saw my titles when I was with Lulu.com burned on Youtube.com in a book bbq as an act of bullying — do you deny something like that too?
      Elsewhere – there isn’t much elsewhere to publish when you are controversial and publishers are afraid of me because what I pulled on you. What I did there was no turning back from posting the painting of Obama burning the Constitution — as one praised the guidance counciler for fucking me over and plagiarized my five year memoir. How do you justify this — how do you justify your first full length being plagiarized before your eyes? When I have Michael Rowe claiming no one plagiarized me when that faggot is willfully ignorant when it happens — it’s shit like that where he will scream “hate crime” when someone beats him up for being an asshole. You’re encouraging boys to get beat up for wearing a pink shirt and playing with a doll — Legend Keeper basically said, “Don’t back down from a fight whether psychological or physical.”
      What is integrity worth to you when you have none? When you are devoted to fuck over anyone with the last name of Pacione because you’re paranoid little cunts because you may never know when someone may have the gall to run something of mine — and you are saying, “We can’t allow you to publish a banned author from our site?”
      I would love to hear them do an audio exchange cussing you out like I did. It felt pretty fucking good ripping into Lulu.com staff on the phone though I wouldn’t done it if Nick was still there — they lost their balls when Popio left. They really don’t like when someone is busting their balls. But the realizeation when they’re in the wrong when the one who goes around stealing Passenger and just changing the first paragarph — and my cousin wonders why I get mad when he even jokes about that shit. If you want their phone number I do have it in my possession — those of you working with them, do so with caution because if they realize you wrote pro-Conservative laced and controversial as hell.
       They will want you gone — I asked them what if my family started publishing me on there knowing an author who took them on and got into a borderline violent comment laid into them; would they rather have someone defaming Bush and calling God an Athiest on there? I am sharing some of Kealan’s hatemail as he sent to my magazine’s address that response came when I said “you should ask Bram The Talking Wonder Dog knows of The Cabbie Homicide’s existence” and man he did he just challenge me to a fight?
      I got him cussing at me because I caught him stealing my name logo sequence (which I had since 2005-2006) as I caught him ganking this for his novels in the 2010s because he didn’t have a name logo. Well I guess I would love to see him get lured into a bad neighborhood and have his nice ride up on cinder blocks. The shithead hasn’t read any of my print only short stories though they love picking apart Insect like Elizabeth Peake did in her time (Ms. Temper Tantrum, remember her?)