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Well I decided I was going to make this available to read if you want to check this out as this was one of my old articles from associated content. I will say this much if you are the one who can’t read longer than 3000 words in one sitting there might be something wrong with you.. While I am working on these new stories I am writing and submitted one off for $. 08 per word and a tale that’s now 10,800 words what can I say I can hit that range quite often too. And what Lenny Bruce said if you get a hardon from hearing the word “motherfucker” there is something seriously wrong with you there pal. As there had been a lot that took place since this was originally published as the stories mentioned within this story are now published again. When you had seen a classmate invade your privacy like I did — she went looking for my family’s address and refused to speak up when I got plagiarized.
     I caught her becoming friends with the plagiarist no less. So this article still holds up even though written in 2008. I like the encouragement that John Paul Allan gave me about Kealan Patrick Burke — our styles are apples and oranges where I live a lot what I write. I reveal a lot of things about the truths that were opened in my blog back a year ago that lead Sarah Jane Ferridge snapping and now going at it for almost a year. I don’t even know the names of her husband and the little one so how could have I stalked them? Is Sarah that backwards with her logic? Ferridge needs to sit down and really read between the lines because how can I be an enemy for telling the truth.

Compromised Privacy

Author Nickolaus Pacione looks back at an article that was a said to be lost.  How many would had not given a damn about his privacy .

Author Nickolaus Pacione looks back at an article that was a said to be lost. How many would had not given a damn about his privacy. This will contain some strong language if one is not used to it. If you’re a classmate who read Hunted Animal can you relate to the plagiarist?
     This will be a notorious article that invoked a shit ton of copyright infringement. The issues rise when he wrote the short story Media Darling in the same era as the stories mentioned as Faustian Bargain he seen it years later as his classmates got manipulated by Brian Keene. The collection is found here.
     The Ahola State revealed it’s got a dark side. Brian Keene can get nailed for this being he went after my vital numbers. This blog speaks about the Ahola State’s slur. Only in that state it’s got the real sting to.

When is freedom of press being abused? When you see sites like Rusty Nail, SomethingAwful.com and other related sites violating the right to privacy and when some players in the subculture jump on the bandwagon to make one’s live a living hell.
      This seems like something that is all but lost on the Internet when trolls will go as far as to violate someone’s privacy when the living arrangement is shared with other family members. When troll sites see the articles that were published they expect me to answer to them when I say something that leaves them wiping piss off their face.
      It is almost like their worst nightmare emerged on the web when those places came to reality. When they claim I don’t have readers, and I had a chance to meet a few of my readers in person in the recent weeks after writing this article. I’ve seen the people in the industry get really slanderous of me.
      They thought I broke my focus when it comes to writing new stories I hate to tell them that their mission reached constant failure when I managed to get the anthologies finished and one of them is in the process of being okay’d for Amazon.com..
      What had these sites invoked when I write newer stories; the inspiration for the new stories SHITSTORM and HOUSE OF CARDS came from seeing these bastards constantly tell people not to read my work or not to buy my books. They would point them to the site that was devoted entirely to lying about me every chance they get. When I found out three of them admitted to be fan fiction writers and real person fiction writers.
      I wonder if this happened to other writers in the small press, but I watched this happen to other personalities too. The very fact these types actively steal my photos and steal my work word for word. I can’t do a blog on Myspace.com or a note on Facebook.com without those bastards stealing every single word of it. They went as far as stalking message boards which I am trying to promote an anthology then bully the people who bought copies legitimately.
      My right to privacy is constantly raped without any repercussions.
      I would ask them why they do it. They would dodge the question and repeatedly plagiarize my work. There is one example out there right now and it is by some joker named, Joseph Capote, and they seemed to do this the most with my short story Spectral Exile, a short story that was published on U.K. based Website. I can give more than one example of this with the SomethingAwful set when they would go on WritersCafe.org and steal my work word for word. There is another out there who went and stole the title TABLOID PURPOSES and plagiarized every story in the book. Stealing a character I created in SPECTRAL EXILE as part of their act of trying to break me.
      The story that Joseph Capote did is a complete counterfeit of my original story, and these trolls are trying to call my original creation the plagiarism when my Spectral Exile was written in the summer of 2006 when I was living in Justice, Illinois. The aftermath of that story being written is becoming a plot of a horror story in itself and seeing what these people are trying to do the story is what compelled me to write this. What the trolls did were word for word plagiarism of my work, the story House of The Spidermen is a word for word plagiarism of House of Spiders which was written in 2004 as part of the Reality Check contest as some in the business would make fun of that anthology too.
      At this time, Mr. Capote isn’t available to comment.
      The age of the blog is also the age of blatant copyright infringement.
      I have one thing to say to Mr. Capote, fuck you, your plagiarism will be found out as such.
      Spectral Exile is about subcultural politics in Chicago, and I was providing the commentary about it in a way that would not get me in deep shit with the masses at the same time when I wrote it. If someone saw what is going on, they’d be saying something and seeing that there are some red flags going up left and right about what they’re doing. I knew what I stirred with that short story, and doing what I did with the articles sparked discussions here and there — yet at the same time there are a few who go insulting the website that published the article too saying, “Why would we want to come to the website when all we want to do is flame you?”
      I will present this question to anyone who is involved with similar websites, “Why the hell would you go around ruining someone’s publication? Have you even read the publication before you were being the judge of it?”
      I read that so called short story that Mr. Joseph Capote wrote and it is a direct theft of my short story. There are other accounts of this and a few out there are going around writing malicious “criticisms” of my work just so they think they got the upper hand. The review of my story wasn’t of the complete version, and they assume I got my science for that one from cartoons — no I would get the science in the science fiction from watching Discovery Channel and History Channel.
      The author of The Egoless Hack said my ideas are running dry, not really — I am still writing stories just waiting for the technology to make it to my desktop so I can do the magazine.
      They never read the print exclusive works and they insult the magazines for running my stories, as in e-mailing the publisher and punishing them for running my work. The way these people carry themselves online, they are digital natives with spears and all that. When a few of them actually compromised e-mail addresses of one person, Some of them actually went as far to harass contributors on anthologies or magazines just to get them to withdraw from the anthology. I’ve seen some mid-list mass market authors go off and try to make me look bad a few times, especially after they found out that a story of mine appeared with an interview of theirs.
      They call me the failure when they want the project to fail. Where I got enraged when someone local in an industrial band actually got into the bandwagon in the trade of libel, I’ve saw this band of his live and as long he’s a member of the band I won’t own a copy of the CD of theirs. Ever since I’ve seen what the individual said of me on his LiveJournal.com. It’s sad really when people do that locally especially when they are a band hungry to get out there, when they see authors get published in the small press and published themselves they would pull their pants down then take a massive steamer on someone’s lively-hood. I know a few who are going to be reading this article and saying that I had no right writing this one but when I seen what it’s became in Chicago, it’s sad but very true.
      The Goon Bandwagon became very close to my backyard now, and something I don’t really like when it happens. When they think this is a screed of some kind, they don’t read between the lines. When small press publishers are also honorary Goons — they have their heads up their ass way too long and their entire world smells like what they had their head in.
      “Pathetic little toad,” would be the reference that “publisher” has for me.
      The very fact some of them snuck their way into an organization I am actively a part of and make sure that I won’t get any PR for my work — I think it’s bullshit, and I can tell you the person isn’t a strong representation of Kentucky either. When the truth is told they get mad, and when the picture of their personality is accurately portrayed they get really enraged and scream, “I am suing you mother fucker. I hate what you wrote on your blog or I hate what you wrote in your book.”
      Funny thing about the book I didn’t use any real names in An Eye In Shadows, it was all written in code and showing the masses what the industry is like comparing it to how it as in high school and got some joker thinking he’s Stephen Hawking doing the reading of my book (yeah this individual didn’t really do accurate artwork if me then either. I didn’t have the pocket protector.) I really wonder when people do the one star comments on Goodreads.com I ask where they got the book from, I can say one place — there is this joker who was forceful of getting my book out there when I didn’t actually have the cover page done yet. He bought the book for $16.00 as an e-book then the next thing I knew they pirated the hell out of the thing.
      They pirate the book, then toss my number up one number at a time (this was with one phone number, then with another they tossed up my address at the apartment when I was on the way out of there. I was trying to protect the flat mates from all the harassment at the time too.)
      It’s a fucked up existence that some of these trolls live when one of them had me tossed from LiveJournal.com because of the video I did, and they didn’t like the fact I knew who they were. The very mentality they have is that of people who lived their lives on LiveJournal.com and they don’t really think from the other person’s point of view. When they think they’re work got plagiarized they would go into an uproar, but when mine gets plagiarized they are cheering the plagiarizers on. They think bloggers such as The Rusty Nail are a reliable source about the person in the business, and then they would go on a collective urinal run when they see publishers out there who are just a one man operation. I am not the only one man operation in the business but I also won’t take crap from anyone in the business either. When they go violating my privacy on a regular basis and trying to harass my real life friends (friends that been friends with me since before I became an author.)
      It’s almost fucked up when you think about it the ones who are the worst are the ones picking apart my freebie works, and when I have print exclusive works out there — right now my print exclusive work is up to 32 works. My publishing credits are just starting out in the small press and paying markets but seems like some of these individuals who hide behind a faith in God and all of that saying they are moral and all of that, but in truth you don’t want to see what’s in that head of theirs. They become even shittier than that so called king of piss-bloggers; you know the bastard who steals pictures of celebrities and draws on them. A fucker like him needs a woman in his life. The fucked up thing about it — this is their world, invading everyone’s privacy.
      I have seen those so called bloggers when they’ve seen the articles commanding me to, “explain myself”
      I don’t need to explain myself to any of them. I just get mad when individuals like that had compromised profiles of people online just for their cause. When they say the best thing that happened to me was getting featured on a libel site; it is things of that nature that really get me fuming. There is a reason that sites that do citizen journalism are out there and its allowing the average Joe to tell the truth. I’ve seen these blogs out there and seen what they’ve done to people. I’ve seen what people of Stupid Free had done to people, including myself. When an industrial DJ with dyed blonde hair decided to go on that site and slander the crap out of me there was an article written; and he’s saying the article was a “bunch of bullshit.”
      When I see that there are more weblogs popping up that are devoted to seeing me not succeed in getting published that is when I am more driven. Don’t tell me I can’t do something because I have and will. The answer to that question, when is freedom speech being abused is when you see sites like the slander sites popping up and those slanders are being passed off as truths. I’ve seen the responses on the articles and some of them hide behind the fact they don’t sign in to give their two dollars worth of comments. I guess when someone tells the truth, there is always going to be those who will go around scrutinizing it.
      The most of the trolls I get have to be when they go to Amazon.com when Darren McKeeman of tribe.net (now going the way of the dinosaur) back while he was active with Gothic.net telling everyone to warn the world. When I published my first book with Booksurge, then with lulu.com the hypocrite published his novel with lulu.com too. Some of them came from the falling out of his regime at Gothic.net. I can recall the bad blood there when all went down after an interview a small town paper did with me, I was surprised they actually printed “bastard.” Since that interview and him losing his position at Gothic.net, he seemed to have a constant vendetta towards me almost like I was the one to blame for him losing his job at Gothic.net.
      The new editor had to go in and fix the damage caused by him and still there is some bad blood there. So a few of his loyal made it clear they would see to it I would never get any positive exposure in Chicago,and I can say the person knew me from LiveJournal.com at one point. She’s now a 33 year old photographer from Skokie, Illinois. Her name is withheld but she is connected to that dyed blonde haired DJ who is originated from San Francisco.
      Seeing how this business is going these days, it is almost a sport for them to compromise someone’s privacy from stealing bulletins on myspace.com to notes on Facebook.com (which happened both times here to me.) If people think I am going to own his novel in print, not a cold chance in hell that will happen. The very act they would go around trying to get e-mail addresses frozen, and this happened to me twice and both addresses were hosted by everyone.net. People like this, when a signing is coming up — one thing can come to mind, and that being protests in front of the venue. With those blogs, in conclusion, freedom of press is being abused eight times over.