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I show a dialog between me and one of her local fans and this will also show a link to his facebook with everything I say on the record with him. We spoke of 7/7/2005. I told London they should be more worried when these have these jokers flashing gang signs.
     Her faithful with this one and I took the time to really discuss what went down and I will link up his profile because he was prepared to chew my ass out. I did the ass chewing instead then showed him what went down and explained how what went on in the news here is where Ferridge shows some of her ignorance. She needs to understand I don’t always blog about her or tag her, unless I want her to learn about my area a bit or of U.S. History in the 20th Century.

All right what’s up! Well there is a novel that will be coming out that’s my first editor credit for another author and I treated this as if it was one of my own for the most part. I have a few stories in me about the size of Stygian Dealer and learned Wattpad themselves faved one of my 2015 short stories. InsaneJournal.com became integrated with my codexed.com journal as this has a look very close to what Diary-X.com was like toward the end in some ways but other’s quite different. I will share the details of the InsaneJournal how it became infused with my Codexed.com journal.
      Well the new story I am going to say something in depth about how this is coming. Over 12,000 word count and thinking who would take this thing as H. P. Lovecraft had a unique problem toward the end of his life as his work became longer too.
      “You have no connection to reality,” Kealan would relate.
      There are no talking dogs in my work. *whistling for Bram* go fetch doggie. You can’t handle the fact I wrote about a classmate who killed a man when he was 19 as that will be 21 years ago since he first did the crime.
      “I want the truth” as was was written in A Few Good Men.
      “You really can’t handle truth that well do you,” when my testimony told the truth about the industry and knocked few around including an author I used to respect.
      Even some of my roster said it of Ramsey Cambpell, and a few of them told him to “bite me.” Yesterday 11 years ago Tabloid Purposes was announced at my 10 year reunion though Dan Mowrer wouldn’t allow me to celebrate Lake Fossil Press’ 10 year anniversary. Those of you who hang on my tumblr.com blog the best way to view it is with Safari because Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Seamonkey it looks all wonky. The novella it will be approaching the idea; a disturbing one that one seen when dealing with the King James Only Movement. They have a morbid fear of ideas. Chicago will know why I am doing the project I am working on and the whole thing with Metal-Archives.com still considers Blake a friend.
      Blood is thicker than water pal as I am going to share the piece that Metal Insider did on there as I am almost done with the one anthology. I am waiting on the introduction but if I wanted to I can put this out right now but a promise to usher in the introduction writer is a promise. I will say this much with the one anthology before the introduction it’s 185 pages; and the TOC is 3 pages then the front matter pages is four pages. When I get this introduction I will be in business to really get this out there.
      The new novelette has an interesting aspect to this as I had decided to pinterest the piece talking about finding Stephen Glass’ fabrications.
      I noticed when I was chiming in on a former friend, I was getting trolled on Disqus; and some need to realize they are going to be under a looking glass. That’s the nature of being a public figure; you can’t go through life thinking you’re a private citizen when you were on a public stage for years.
      Well this new story I am writing. It was played up the heated exchanged between me and a King James Onlyist as he singled out some correspondents of mine. This Onlyist well I will say this much was fuming when I wasn’t spouting Scripture back to him and was showing parts of this new story. If Sarah Jane Ferridge is reading this blog she might realize some of my most heated exchanges are with King James Onlyists and recently Kealan Patrick Burke really blew up at me.
      Lulu.com still ignores the public who is old enough to vote; but when I am writing this novelette I am thinking about what story would I release to Kindle as a single. One of the short stories I almost got for this anthology is a weird Gothic tale that’s a horror and information age twist on the bonnet novel. In The Eyes Of A Skull does overlap with that genre a bit but taken the stress on Gothic Horror more than the western elements.
      I had caught Brian Keene saying this of my creative property, “You have no “property.” You have nothing. The only thing you have is a sad, lonely existence in the basement of a home where even your own family members despise you. You are a vile, loathsome, laughable excuse for a human being, and when you die (which will no doubt be soon) you will be missed our mourned by no one, and the only visitors to your grave will be the feral dogs who piss on it.”
      Where the thing about my family hating me is not true either though we do get on each other’s nervous sometimes. Brian Keene had claimed to have intercepted submissions I did to LampLight Magazine. As I caught Robert Baupader lying about how he wrote the story I submitted to them too — doesn’t that faggot have anything he written himself. As Carl N. Brown had been pirating my shit to; that child-molesting shit needs to get his hands off my written properties as I own everything of mine outright. The roster their stories are creator owned like Image Comics. I am going to follow up on this one to make sure I don’t get plagiarized. This story well I will say some of it; I am trying to see if someone got the .doc of Game Over then pirated the damn thing too as Brian Keene is bragging about piracy of my work. John [Shirley] and I were both enraged by the trend of e-book piracy that’s going around, and I have to ask how can Willie accept his rivals getting pirated thinking it’s cute they get plagiarized.
      Dan Mowrer the redeeming trait about him is this, he didn’t plagiarize anything of mine. How can someone even encourage e-piracy when they’re an author and plagiarism of work that’s not available online as what Dirty Black Winter’s stories — a lot of them are print exclusive material. Marc Lyth might got pirated copies of my work and Amazon.com please crack down on reviews of those who pirate work because Brian Keene is the user on amazon.com called Stefan.
      I will say to those mid-list assholes out there who have less than 6000 following you on your twitters, anyone who encourages piracy of a small press authors work. I am calling for your retirement as Ramsey Campbell might had got pirated copy of my sixth book before I was ready to publish.
      Even if you hate the person, honor their intellectual properties when they don’t employ creative commons that means nothing based off this either. Unless the publisher said they will publish authorized fan fiction based off the creative properties, do not touch it because what Brian Lumley wrote. Fan Fiction based from any of his work IS plagiarism. I don’t want to see ANY m/m or f/f romance based upon my properties period and those who don’t understand this. I am an Indie and a Christian so I don’t want to see any of my characters flaming homosexuals.
      The user known as Impract0r was he one who is looking to pirate my work; look you want to read my titles in all honesty. I have one book that is $10.00 before shipping on CreateSpace.com go buy my work legally. Get the book the honest way instead of trying to read the e-book without getting it from me. I have a story out there that’s a legal ebook; and how you can read this — get a library card from Worldlibrary.com.
      “How can you even support piracy of indies?”
      I know that’s a question many like me who will address and a vocal opponent of copyright infringement and when I feature bands on Spotify and Bandcamp.com. I make sure they earn everything they get their hands on though I wish it was that way with writers but those who also use the same place I do. How can one even encourage piracy of a title when it has a lot of print only works? I am searching to see if Game Over had been pirated; this happened a few times with Quakes and Storms or Tabloid Purposes II.
      Though I am going to say writing this new story it’s ambitious and I am looking for short stories that are quite philosophical in nature as I have an idea for a Philosophical Novel.
      There are ideas there for another full length outing; though the question is how would I go about writing this one. Ideas about small town busybodies moving into a large city and end up pissing off a street gang. I told Rockstar Games please be careful when doing a game based on the Latin Kings; they are nothing to be messed with now because they are a supergang. I had argued back and fourth with Sarah Jane Ferridge about her ignorance on the news that happened with my country. I am talking with a local about July 7, 2005, as that was ten years ago since this happened.
      Ferridge retorted, “I live in London, why would I even want to read about news in Chicago?”
      The Metalphere knows why as this is why I am working on the anthology I am doing to counter what he did. I am followed by Century Media Records as they caught wind of what took place during Iced Earth came to town — the day of that show was the April 20, 2004, tornado outbreaks. Joliet saw one of the tornadoes as Red Roof Inn staff said my grandmother had called the hotel twice and told me to turn on the news and shit.
      The new story I have a character playing up the names of two of the leaders behind Creation Liberty Evangelism, they think they do truly can handle controversial topics. They can’t handle the phobia they have and it’s clear some will think I am full of shit on this one.
      “You can’t spout Scripture every time when someone rifles off a very hard question and sometimes lingers in dark territory. Do you think with all honesty that I am full of shit, or you’re proud to play the fool. I am sure I had placed the dunce cap upon your head many times.”
      “Fuck you!”
      Yeah I am waiting for that response too. I get that response all the time from across the board and especially from Kealan Patrick Burke saying I need to get off the web. Look I just got done editing a novel and got paid for doing so; I might see more business coming too for this and hopefully more high profile clients. I will work for about $60-$80 per 190-200 page book, and every hundred pages it’s $25.00 after that. I will do normally what will cost about $199.00 for less than that and will teach you how to do this so you can help others how to also do this.
      So if you want me to take a stab at this; no homosexual content in your book — either be horror, urban fiction, alt. history, cyberpunk (near future) or 20th Century History. This is where I do quite well with but if you want me to help with a period piece you might have me researching the era a bit to help get the edits right. Those are the ones I might need help from another designer to collaborate with to get the vision an lettering right. If you are skiddish about explicit language; please let me know in advance because I am aware how urban fiction the profanity is a huge part of this style. My new story I am working on; it’s a Philosophical Narrative that plays up elements of Gothic Horror with parts and science fiction with the other. This blog; what many see is I do actual reporting as well as a candid life approach to being a blogger. That candid life approach showed up in Stygian Dealer in the way I wrote this story — as I have a short story I submitted to The New Yorker; and waiting to see what happens there. You still want to say and I quote.
      “You have no creative properties!”
      Yeah and that’s in other words you’re claiming I am a slave at that; as Spartacus freed the slaves. But I really think Sarah Jane Ferridge should get herself a copy of The Girl Who Owned The City as there is a literary significance to Glen Ellyn as Glendale Heights with Legend Keeper complimented this. She never watched Lucas which they used The Dump on the Hump for filming locations (I am talking about Glenbard West High School there.)
      My new story — well I will say this much in the 12,000 plus range it’s going to be rather punishing and I found a novel that is lost as it’s been making the rounds in the print on demand circuit. I am editing this as a presentation then doing the introduction because it mentions Chicago and Wheaton, Illinois, the earliest references to Wheaton as a work of fiction.
      Well I know one thing — Sarah is very ignorant about Jared Fogle as she’s the same age as both him and Kanye West (as West grew up around Oak Lawn. I lived in Justice, Illinois, for a little more than a year and as much time as I spent in that area. I will call the Palos Hills area home as they have plenty of cheap eats — those of you who are tempted to go to Subway there is a burger joint up the street on Roberts. Eat there instead.)
      I am going to share what the one known as C. J. Lenihan as I was answering his questions. I explained how Sarah snubbed a heavy metal band from Chicago as this will be the full exchange. I will give him a link back because I spoke 7/7/2005 to him as that was their September 11, 2001.
      “Dude I had gone after Brian Keene for trying to get access to my SSN you haven’t been paying attention at all — I had gone after Anton LaVey’s grandson when my sister turned 19 years old. Do you realize I publish females on roster — so take your head out of your ass knob jockey.”
      “I don’t understand why Sarah has said that your going after her and harassing her everyday?”
      I responded then he replied with an interesting question, ”I have gone after Lulu.com to get my files back. and spoke up for veterans. So think about that one; Deva snubbed a heavy metal band where the drummer has 1.5 arms and the lead singer is female.“
      “Oh I see, is that why you have stood up for the guy? Cos she was snubbing them? Sorry to ask as both sides count..” he replied.
      “Yes” — I had pointed the reverbnation page to him in reply; then gone into detail about July 7, 2005.
      “I read a book called Inside 9/11: What Really Happened — the terrorists were our age.”
      “I don’t know the ins and outs to be honest.”
      “I do though,” as I responded.
      Then he continued, “which is fair.”
      I try to be the Fox News version of the heavy metal bloggers.
      “I am a publisher and a journalist — she told me to stop breathing when I had almost died. I was choking on my dinner and they had to stick a camera down my throat. I was raised right — I had spent two weeks in London when I was almost 15.”
      His response this was very cool, I respect the fact he took the time to hear my side of this, “Oh I see, well either Way think there fault on both sides and maybe both of you cauld come to an agreement and stop on each side?”
      This is the part why I wanted to make the entire exchange public and giving him credit for asking some good questions, “If you read my replies I told her think about what happened in my country on September 11, 2001 and 7/7. I told her to educate herself.”
      There is more to this exchange and I told the others who were trying to stone me to sit down and speak to C. J. as he took the time to hear me out. I want Sarah to take the time and read An Eye In Shadows because she might learn something about her own generation. The key thing I do want some to really think about their world in the era of the 1990s. I was the middle cousin on one side of the family and she doesn’t understand for 18 years I was an only child. The embedded at the very top of the blog entry following this shows I do fact check everything.
      I told Ferridge to look into what Porras did and realize I am not going to do anything that fucked up. I will show where I really yell at her as trying to show she needs a real voice inside her head being the voice of reason, “How can you EVEN be THAT willfully ignorant? Oh come on for fuck’s sake lady you’re public figure. You’re not used to being placed under a microscope by now? Damn it hell even when I published seven books I can go to a grocery store and get a 24 pack of cola without behind hounded but when I get the next apartment — if I can get back in Justice. My old address is the 22 Bakers Street of Chicago because it was immortalized in one of the anthologies I had published.”
      She didn’t like the retort I gave her on that one as Brian Keene’s comments are surfaced as he made it clear that he likes to intercept my written properties. Then put Robert Baupader’s name on them; is Carl N. Brown covering up for this fuckhead? I am sure he would like to answer that in my e-mail as I will link up his profile on disqus as he and some of his gang hijacked a thread that was of a former friend of mine.
      I am still telling Ferridge I am not her enemy but she sees me as one because I told the truth. I think that’s more the reason I am making the exchange between me and one of her fans public because she might come to an understanding and epiphany. This ignorance she has is something I wish she came to conclusion what I am doing.
      Ryan of Secret-Face.com said this of Ferridge, “As my ex-girlfriend in ’95 said, ‘ignorance is bliss.’ It’s cliche, but true. Deva just click ‘erase.'”
      I had a few weighing in on this and man what can I say it’s crazy and I wish that Ferridge would listen to everyone in these exchanges because is willful ignorance I will say that she does need to please educate herself.