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Newsroom meets Street Journalism

As Pacione said to Jayson Blair the subject of Fragile Trust, it takes awhile for my sources to show up but they show up sooner or later. Sometimes the sources are from my own memories of what happened and the friends who were there. Sometimes I lose touch with them. This one might easy remember the Cabbie events. My new story the sources were my own book, Chicago Tribune, My mother’s and my own conversations, and Discovery Channel for Bonnie ‘n Clyde: 60172.”
    Chicago Tribune relates about doctors who made house calls in the dangerous areas of Chicago; this is a similar place to who did the house calls to my apartment in Justice. Everything here gives The Pattern of Diagnosis (from The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five) it’s truth.
     Oak Lawn, Illinois, saw Chicago’s Finest come in and out of the hospital because they had gang shooting aftermath in and out the whole night. This is the People vs. Folk related in Legend Keeper. Legend Keeper’s darkest subject matter in the story is gang violence. Rockaway Township never dealt with the Chicago area gangs.
    Pacione also integrated his InsaneJournal in with his Codexed.com layout. Codexed.com is second in command but also his personal website. Jayson Blair’s own book came out when Pacione’s published debut emerged; as Pacione had two nonfiction stories in this collection. Pacione got him connected with Jet Berelson as Pacione with a pdf wrote and tweeted this, “I will reinstate Jayson Blair if I have do to the Demolition Man move. Send someone who got in trouble for this to go after someone who stole my work. I tend to work outside the law as a journalist and a bit guerrilla at times.
     This is my guerrilla elements sending someone who got in deep shit for this to got after someone who lied about plagiarizing a novel. Don’t fuck with what’s rightfully mine!” He caught The Gargoyle Fan Fiction Queen covering for the thief of his novel. Queer Fear editor even denied the plagiarism happened, Pacione retorted as he published a Huffington Post alumni, ” You might as well denied the holocaust happened you fucking faggot!” The editor’s hatred for Pacione really showed up in full force because he was calling him out of name; Pacione suggested not to be in the same room with him because he knows he would be wailing on him but under a law in the states he’s a protected species.

Well this is a heads up with the ensemble project and this is an open invitation to Sarah Jane Ferridge to join this one as she wants to express some hatred; when one had pointed out a lot of truths. Hell even Jet Berelson connected with me on Linkedin.com and got him in touch with Jayson Blair; at first I was pissed at Blair to be completely honest but when I looked into what he did. It was the thing I noticed for in Tales of the Talisman. I am not going to rush the writers on the ensemble it’s not done until it’s done; and if Imperial is reading this. Please be patient because I had pages of notes and many pages at that.
     The ensemble project has artwork and a photo for the the synopsis background, I do apologize to everyone for making them wait and this a year plus in the making. I want to get the final six in play as fast as possible as the closing author I have to get in touch with her privately and the other one has photos to handle for her submission as well. Currently 177 pages and a lot to do yet. When you have your entire authored by catalog back online the baby sitting ends on that part but still more babysitting of the edited by work because I have 13 issues of the magazine. Three of them are back online as soon I get The Condensed Volumes with Lightning Source that will be back online too.
     The one anthology is waiting for the introduction and the roster is getting restless too, well they’re patient as they got to see the advanced stages of this one. But the ensemble it goes with my five year memoir — writers must be born between 1973-1979 and the cutoff graduation year is 1997 when they graduated high school or supposed to have graduated.
     The one that’s close to finished — oh man there is a lot to say about this and it’s a lot of research that went into every part of this deal. Those of you who are in this age bracket for the ensemble project and are on Codexed.com — hell I have no problem looking into a short story from there if it’s 2400-8800 words. Shadows Over Main Street editors got really pissed at me for showing them Tabloid Purposes IV but yeah I am waiting for them to realize I edited and introduced a presentation of This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch. But the thing with the project that had me discouraged is how I had submissions that were plagiarized of my own work ranging from A Dark Place, Legend Keeper and An Eye In Shadows — I am not amused when someone does this.
     Haven’t your middle school composition class told you, “No matter what you do, please refrain from plagiarizing your submissions. Better getting that ‘F’ for something you wrote than getting an ‘A’ for something you completely lifted.”
     I had caught Robert L. Baupader with my novel. I will feed him to our pet bull shark, Dagon.
     Someone mailed me via snail mail a copy of the .rft file of this and it’s weird where they got this from — but I will say this much the novel is published. Dark Regions Press might have an anthology out every few months but when I take my time on a project it means it requires a lot of research and waiting. The waiting paid off when one of my classmates will be a photographer on the anthology project with the back cover synopsis. Well I am waiting for the last six writers as this anthology well when it’s published will be about the size of Issue 5 as the 6.14 x 9.21 trade paperback format. Quite a few of the stories in the new anthology have lot of urban tinged short stories within them; I want to see a story for the ensemble that’s a journal written as a story between 3400-5600 words (about the size of The Pattern of Diagnosis if you read Issue Five.)
     Going around stealing is one thing; stealing someone’s hard written work and telling someone the fuck with their copyrights — those are real fighting words for an author.
     Or telling the author, “I like the plagiarist’s version better.”
     Shadows Over Main Street editors if you’re reading this both of you; I better not see a plagiarized work of mine published if you’re green lighting a plagiarism of my work. Ken if you are reading this (I am talking to Goldman.) That anthology you were featured in was not meant for you if you knew the title was bastardized from my first science fiction outing, as Ramsey Campbell got pirated copies of Suburbanite’s Confessional. Those versions he snagged are unauthorized versions; and you should honestly know better not to reviewed pirated copies because that’s what Marc Lyth does when he shits on my catalog.
     Amazon.com caught onto the review abuse; when the review doesn’t review the book but takes a shit on the author who wrote it. When I did my review of I Am Legend on Amazon.com as the novel version I was talking about the other stories in the omnibus too; I also speak about where I was when I bought the book too. So I am wondering they would approve this because I was trying to keep this brief.
     Reviewing pirated books when received in ill-gotten means can destroy a writer’s will to keep going but I just wrote a brand new short story. The editor told me, “You got some interesting ideas but this in not quite for us; good luck getting this placed however.”
     That’s encouraging for me because I just wrote the story today too.
     “Your intellectual properties are our toys,” said the abusive reviewers on Disqus.com.
     As in that gives them every right to pirate my works and trying to say all the stories in Dirty Black Winter or The Writings Collected: Volume Two are available as free reads, sorry I didn’t make all of them as free reads. The size factor with some of these short stories as The Pattern Of Diagnosis (and for further reading about Oak Lawn) is print exclusive as the only place on can read this story is within the pages of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. I will invite Jet to go over to CreateSpace.com and grab up Mr. Serling’s work along with some of mine as I can provide links where he can do a one stop shop for them and have them in a matter of seconds.
     Hell I would get my best friend a copy of This Crowded Earth as he likes to read Science Fiction; I introduced this because of Cyber:Terror:Machine.
     Sarah Ferridge — really go and get yourself on http://docs.zoho.com if you lurk as your private profile on facebook or toy with yahoo.com to login (as this place works with yahoo.com.) Think about what I pointed out with our natural disasters in Coal City just in recent history and with what happened in London, UK, back in July 7, 2005. The story I wrote that started out as Utopian Failure, ultimately became written as Utopian Failures — man this story is a fourth wall breaking and screams in your face in terms of hardcore it gets. I wrote this using the first person style one seen within Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape, some stories in The Writings Collected: Volume Two, Legend Keeper, Wandering In Darkness, and my nonfiction.
     It’s almost like no one in the community wants to speak literature; but Charlie of Aftermath noticed what I did and thought it was very cool I pulled off the introduction of This Crowded Earth. The introduction is as dark as the book is, almost like H. P. Lovecraft introducing Robert Bloch. I have a new story that I am also thinking of too and this is just as crazy as writing Bonnie ‘n Clyde: 60172. My mother is really that nonchalant with the way she comes off with details that are very dark.
     I am sometimes wanting to say, “Damn it. Why didn’t you tell me that used book store was owned by bank robbers?”
     I almost shouted “Damn it” when I was 15 when I saw the news story in the climax but I really did miss out because I was grounded from television for six months. What I am looking for are also two writers from Roselle and Morris, Illinois, for this project as I am looking for someone who does have a small town perspective on large city crime and urban terrors. My grandmother when she was alive hated Morris because what happened to her here; as I saw the article while she brought it with her to England. She had a scar on her left side from this as her baby brother and second oldest sister died in the accident. The cars at the time had no seat belts, the namesake of my cousin is her baby brother as her older brother moved to England — when I heard him in the last years of life. His Inland North accent is all but gone. Well I am looking at some of my new toys and reunited with a reliable word processor from the 2008 era as I wrote Media Darling on AbiWord; so those of you who are looking for a program that allows you to collaborate this program does that.
     When you have nearly 600 connections in Linkedin.com inside of a year plus; that’s not bad as your childhood friends have that kind of following too. I noticed one of my classmates became an author but how did he go about putting his book together is the question. This classmate was almost my personal trainer when I did Gothicfest 2005 — some didn’t realize I was running from one part of the venue to the other and bolting around keeping up with the interviewers who had interviewed me. I wish I had the photos SPIN Magazine shot of me because those were some pretty damn cool shots when it was just the green t-shirt that I was known for being spotted with as I wore solid dark or drab colored pocket t-shirts. Did I take cues from the Drab Four?
     Well when I wrote The Room Mate I was playing with self-deprecation in terms of the dark humor I was working with; I played up traits like Trent when he was with The Gazette. But the difference was my humor was more science fiction tinged. It was the only joke story in my catalog as the responses in the rejection letters I got for this just added to the back story how this one got me laughing even harder. Two of the stories in the second collection were to me flat out funny but about the subject matter that shouldn’t be joked about though; yeah I am talking about black humor. The opening story was a black comedy; well I will say this much — if Sarah Jane Ferridge hangs out on this blog, Tumblr.com or Psyche of a Bipolar long enough she might have ideas as a short story writer.
     “Ferridge I don’t hate you,” is what I am saying.
     That was why I didn’t block her from my page.
     Those of you saying I am posting as more than one page, one of the pages I help with I am one of the admins and the historian of the bunch. I am trying to get my sister moved in to InsaneJournal.com but I don’t know if she checks her e-mail though. As she just turned 20 years old — I can get the account set up for her and create the template if she wants based upon my older journal layouts. I am coming up with stories for FictionPress.com from time to time too and not posting all the time; but once in awhile you will see a short story show up there occasionally to show the masses I still hang with them from time to time. When you don’t have a lot of cash and trying to submit out; sometimes the door closes on you but when you’re a publisher of other writers that creates the buzz.
     I am far from done as a publisher.
     I guess with these anthologies I am working on I am patient with everyone — but I am still waiting on the rest of the ensemble, my waiting will pay off but I do want to put this out within the year. I am also trying to sell some stories to pay for an apartment as my late grandfather’s house is in probate. That’s a scary thing; when one has a fixed income and only can do so much.
     That’s why sales of my work in the print form are important and Carl N. Brown is cheating me out of signing copies of the anthologies I appear in. If he’s going to say he’s my “biographer” this one is sadly mistaken because he bragged about grabbing pirated copies of my written works. I am trying to figure out how to reissue the first four issues of my magazine because Issue Four is the same size as Issue 10. Those of you who are complaining my posts are too long and didn’t read you’d be complaining about the short story The Fly too if you found that. With the ensemble anthology I want good sized short stories for the readers to really get something out of them like the one anthology I got a lot of good sized short stories like what I accomplished with Issue Five. The ensemble project is the first anthology where I had entirely modern authors in a long time.
     If you can write a blog this size you can easy write a short story and I am looking for a unique movie review of two movies written as short stories– Night of the Comet and Twilight Zone: The Movie written as stories. Something like that is very unique if you seen both of them as When Angels Wept Blood the character watched this film in the story; how I know you read my work is when you’re looking for the DVDs or movies in the stories I reference.
     That’s how I honestly know you read my work but if you’re going and insulting my catalog; you haven’t read my work or insulting me personally on Amazon reviews. I am not going to write about small town stuff within this blog or hardly mention small towns; but yes I would like to see one small town writer with the ensemble as Tabloid Purposes One. The small town author was Andrew Ian Dodge.
     My new story when speaking of Glendale Heights, there was no main street as everyone went 35 mph to 45 mph in a school zone — this story is dark and real; as I am drawing a lot from real life as I did with Damnation Observes. I think the story I wrote was too gritty for Silent Screams because of the use of the f-bombs. Campbell maybe if you sat down and read The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five with a local history handy you might appreciate this one.
     I don’t write about places like Castle Rock, Maine, Missing Mile, NC, or Thrall, N, l but Glendale Heights, Glen Ellyn, Joliet, Gary, Indiana (that’s coming,) Mason City, Iowa, as I had written about Springfield, Illinois. You can’t handle the real places and real cities I write about; their real histories and how sometimes these real histories reveal a horror to them.
     Stephen King with his work Maine gets the brunt, me the brunt is Illinois. The Nickolaus Pacione lexicon in terms of settings are often sprawling across counties and villages; meaning one short story after writing Halloween On Camera or The Statue you saw a sprawling approach. Marc Lyth showed great disrespect to my hometown when he blasted The Statue; as he really doesn’t give a fuck about Chicago – the prime and proper shitworm. Real places and real neighborhoods is something I wrote about since year one in 1990. Legend Keeper is very damn close to how I wrote my first original horror story as a kid but this wasn’t a slasher work but more Gothic Horror meets Alt. History and science fiction. The Pattern of Diagnosis is a work creative nonfiction with a surrealism and horror ribcage.
     The story in the new anthology one will see — well I take the roles that the surreal writers did in Issue Five and Ten then reprise what I did in Darkened Horizons: Issue 3. I an reprising some of my style within Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape as 2002 was a writing period too — the postmodern writing period. I am toying with additional ideas carried over from the Postmodern era too — the Post Modern and the Creative Nonfiction periods where I wrote The Cabbie Homicide.
     Sangiovanni insists on reading The Pattern of Diagnosis for free and that will not happen. I offered a discount code for her to get this but if she’s going to be a total bitch she’s got a CreateSpace.com account as she published 48 page novelette. She pays for her own copies like I do now; so why don’t she go grab Issue Five and see what we have to offer. I am sorry but I will not ever let this story go for free — it’s too prized of a story for me to do that. That made the fifth Issue a personal publication as Issue 10 is a personal one too. If you make fun of The Pattern of Diagnosis you really do have no soul; that story was potent and the magazine I submitted this to — the reason they rejected it is they didn’t know how to classify the story. I found that very funny because they also called Passenger the story that read like a Goth nonfiction article, that’s even funnier because I just got done writing creative nonfiction.
     I have plenty of free reads out there, I have as many print exclusive works so go please give these print stories a chance and enjoy them as the print exclusive work.
     “Fuck you with that comment Pacione!”
     No that’s the truth because piracy hurts the small press and writers like me the most as the harsh insulting reviews — Sangiovanni you need to wake the fuck up on this one. Because those reviews didn’t review the work but were all personal attacks on me and shitting on my intelligence. I had insulted Jane Timm Baxter quite hard reminding her how I ripped her book up and wiped my ass with the front page. I asked her when she reviewed my work did she pirate the copies of An Eye In Shadows before it was finished or Suburbanite’s Confessional. She obviously did.
     Her old publisher, Janice Frank, the plagiarist who stole my novel — she claimed when she was alive, “Robert Baupader is on roster as one of my authors.”
     Fuck her damned memory there if she is willing to encourage plagiarism beyond the grave.
     I am sure some will be pissed when I will say it again, “The fuck with her as her underlings and minions stole Lake Fossil as Fossil Lake, as Christine Morgan is a plagiarism advocate and Carl N. Brown is covering for Robert Baupader. Valerie Blochette sure the fuck is as is the maintainer of the H. P. Lovecraft cult.”
     I just hope that Jet is willing to sit down with me and Jayson Blair then listen to both of us on this one because I sought Blair out to examine Robert Baupader. I have the pdf I had wrote out which is total disclosure of what I uncovered and shocked Jayson Blair with how much I knew about what he did. I sent Jet a copy of Game Over as it was published with CreateSpace.com as I had to figure out how to convert an OCR back into text as I got the synopsis from the original release of Game Over and updated it. America Star and I co-designed the cover as as they got the credit for designing this.
     So if you’re going around plagiarizing work that took a year to write; you’re really are scum and I have published your URL so people can as questions. You want to steal from me Baupader you’re done pal.