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#Fuckyou Zuckenburg you refuse to hear me out when I caught someone stealing my work as a writer and you got someone covering for the little faggot in Christine Morgan. The whole damn world you see is really fucking deluded when I was doing the right thing and speaking up for my written works. While working on this new stry I am working on and man this one using an older story I wrote from 1997 and revising elements of this gave this story it’s punch. This new story and a few others will be some tough as hell to make the sales on because of the subject matter.



I’m almost out of Facebook jail. Three days and four more hours to go. I will most likely be free for 2 hours and then I will be back in Facebook jail for another 30 days. It wasn’t always like this. I used to have a real Facebook life once.

I know I shouldn’t really complain since Facebook is a free site. Well, at least when I created an account back in the foul year of our lord 2008 Facebook was just a tad more wild wild west. But now being a monster behemoth of an I don’t know what? It has now become a mega conglomerate the likes of which I will hopefully never experience in my own life.

So why does it seem that once a company is freakin’ huge that it loses it soul? But back to this later, for now I’m in Facebook Jail. How did…

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