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I haven’t worked on a full story on here yet but I am seeing how this works for a blog entry; I am long overdue for a blog right on WordPress.com. All right I am working with Booktango.com to get my longish and midrange short stories out there if you want to read some short form material that’s a novella or novelette range. Well I had been testing this website out on others who I asked how serious are they about their craft or their faith?
      Well I can say this much I have The Pattern Of Diagnosis as a solo release as well as with the publication of origin and record. The story itself was too good not to let remain unpublished as well as my publications as a publisher — I can’t allow CreateSpace.com to publish plagiarists as they reinstated David Boyer. There were too many complaints on Melissa Creeger’s watch to send people looking for a new publisher and also undercut CreateSpace.com higher ups because I am tired of them making slaves out of those who had put their heart and talents into something that’s inside their head.
      When they are willing to fire those who had been nothing but honest; and I had pointed out where what they did was wrong — and Ashley Camile Hunter I exposed her as a pornographer. Saying, “If you are to be published again.”
      “Never say if with me you fucking pornographer.”
      The scathing voice mail they got was the thing that might had got my career suicide well in the eyes of the liberal I had constantly did career suicide but I have a $100.00 gift card and that’s my setup fees with Ingram Spark. I gave Tabetha Jones a few leads where she will become a print entity where no one can touch her. Even without my help she produced a behemoth of an anthology; I gave her places where she can get ISBNS for under $20.00 and under $60.00 to boot. I will provide this information because you can get ISBNS for a gift too with both these places. I am getting te ensemble ISBN as a gift and working with both the places I got my namesakes out there and got my namesakes back there too.
      I hate being made into liar by CreateSpace.com.
      So how can they even allow someone to pull a bait and switch?
      Well I am looking to undercut CreateSpace.com with Issue Five and with the new places I can mechanize like I did when I was with Lulu.com — I had a book or anthology uploaded in seconds and the flesh and blood processed in days. Well I will say this much I had managed to get under the radar of Creation Liberty.com again and this time they went too far as in calling me “demon-possesed coward” they are in for a rude surprise when they hear my on audio interview that was impromtu as I explained the nature of Dio’s horns. They have more venom behind them than some think but it’s not Satanic symbol but it’s the equal to giving the middle finger.
      You’re calling a man’s wife an unfaithful bitch.
      My new story I chime in on the attacks in Paris as I learned my extended family are accounted for.
      TheBookPatch.com I confirmed to them that Voices From Despair the ensemble anthology I am working on is going to be dual hosted from the site and have a roster owned account where they can stock up their copies at what I pay for them.
      The King James Only Movement wears thin on me though heavy metal bands drew inspiration from the King James Version to give a very poetic delivery. When I have a GoFundMe.com going to help me with my bills — I also have a GiveFoward too those looking for the things one will get in return give me some time because I lost my deal with CreateSpace.com being an ex-contributing asshole who is officially a cocksucker pulling a bait and switch. Stealing Insect, Ghosts In The Tornado, and The Statue by doing misleading stories with the titles.

      TheBookPatch.com’s population in membership is the size of Wheaton, Illinois, so it’s a good sized city. That place is a cyber-city. They’re an upstart and man they are promising at that. They were at this a few years though when the key figure wrote the screenplay for Universial Solder and will be developing an area for fanfiction writers to get noticed. It’s like a mayor of a city and I think they should post on Ralan.com about being a book publisher that pays in a phsyical check. I would have to go to Walmart and deposit that check as I am using AmEx Serve.
      I noticed when I first joined the site someone impersonated Inmate Porras and I will be able to do anthologies featuring inmates who are from WriteAPrisoner.com as I am toying with getting an inmate’s letter that’s in depth for this anthology if I can get them talking about their crimes. I wrote two in depth letters to female inmates from the Department of Corrections who are about the same age. I am hoping they can do a journal about what happened and use narrative techniques. I am trying to get TheBookPatch.com some business from Angela Hoy to help with the publishing workload. Though the cover work I can teach a few writers how to do this and get in touch with them to help design the covers for the writers on TheBookPatch.com just so they can get an edge.
      These writers need an edge to them that will stand out in a unique way and you can even use letterheads to create covers too if you have the means to pull this off. I am getting the rest of the ensemble by helping them get the tools to work with to work from a tablet computer as the program I am using here to write up this blog entry.
      Those of you who are on WordPress.com I am a bit overdue for a blog update as I haven’t updated in a month I was busy trying to get my bitcoin features set up where I can accept bitcoin donations I have WePay.com arranged where it is direct deposited. I am going to say this much those of you who had celebrated how I became unpublished that celebration was premature as I am working on getting LepLady closed down because of her harassment; I had to send my verification letter to WordPress.com as I am registered with the IRS to handle as a business. Those of you who are impersonating Porras all you’re doing is putting him in solitary confinement because claiming he went to Colonial Williamsburg implied he broke out of prison — saying he’s got access to a cell phone you’re only going to get him in deeper shit.
      If Boodshot Books encourages stealing of my work they are in deep shit because Christine Morgan repeatedly stole from me in terms of writers and sales. CreateSpace.com was manipulated by Marc Lyth. The whole thing doesn’t exactly sit well with me how he encouraged the masses to steal my catalog and pirated out my five year memoir then praised Robert Baupader for plagiarizing my work. He doesn’t want to invoke a bloodier war between me and CreateSpace.com because that war is far more frightening when I have teamed up with a publisher who coined them as farming off to other printers to print their slave labor off. I have a petition which requests for CreateSpace.com’s accoutability as I found the ISBN I have and wrestled this away from them and now with Ingram Spark — Lake Fossil Press is now an independent entity where I can work as the distributor myself and design work if you want this done with CreateSpace.com.
       Unless your a previous customer I am going to raise my rates to $160.00 and I will give you my direct deposit where you can send the money. You must be able to pay me in bitcoin for the work to be done — which is about. I have two bitcoin wallets to work with and one of them is a Mastercard when I have enough bit to carry expenses. WePay.com you can use when you do GoFundme as I will offer up a small library of titles in my findings on Amazon.com, Lulu.com and TheBookPatch.com meaning I will buy Lulu.com titles from there but BookPatch release I will do this on their site to shop for you. I will take .40 bitcoin for a design job and how many publishers can say they accept bitcoin for their work?
      I am giving those who are on facebook a chance to work on anthologies when they don’t have computer to work with but if they have internet access to a library and this website I found. They have something to work with and Booktango.com allows them to do e-books as I am giving the Bookcountry.com guys a chance to become print.
      Creeger said I was a “risk” well publishing Lyth is career suicide on their part.
      Giving Brian Keene my SSN might be something that will get them in serious shit.
      The one known as “myself” who lives in The State of Franklin bragged about getting pirated copies of my work — the child-raping cunt. Well I found out something about Lyth — the name he gave was a fake name. It was a pen name of a dead fuck he had. Well when you realize he was going to pull the move he pulled — I would invite Frank if he wants to write for the new anthology I am outlining as I am the coordinator on this one. But this is a collaboration between the staff who are authors and my role will be the designer once I hear from the other guys.
      The support guys told me they will get me in touch with the rest of the crew about getting this idea there as I have a new cyberpunk story out there. I am sure he’s starting up on TheBookPatch.com as I had reported J. T. for starting up on me and fucking with The Pattern of Diagnosis you mock that story all the car crashes you’re in — I will laugh at your car crashes because I was hoping for something much worst to wake you up. The new chapbook Polarioids From The Imagination is going to ruin your childhood if you grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 1990s. The new story is as bone scarring as the short story I wrote in the pages of the ensemble project or the anthology that’s yet to come out. Well I will say this much the anthology you will see planned with the guys — it’s going to see something unique emerge from it.
      I want to see what everyone is capable of pulling off in terms of dark subject matter with elements of the inspirational like Issue Five as I saw an inspirational writer influx so let’s see where the two worlds come together. Those of you who want to turn me unpublished — your party is over and now get the fuck out. Lyth and those like the ones who steal my titles and do misleading titles they need out of the business but some might accuse me of writing a misleading title when it comes to Phillip K. Dick’s work as he also has a title akin to this.
      But I will say this right now of Christopher Johnson I am disabled and you’re going around degrading those who have a different way of seeing the world than you. The small town intellect one has such as you with your trying to convince the world you’re some kind of fucking intellectual. You are not an intellectual. I will say this much about Chris Johnson as I had played W.A.S.P. live version of Golgotha for the folks of Metal Mania 720 (as I am one of the admins. The one known as the historian and trying to get more audience participation as encouraging writers to come out the woodwork. Alex Skolnick said something critical of Blackie and I am going to go on limb about what he said in 2009 — the lyrics after The Headless Children came from very dark places. I take the readers into similar dark places when I wrote The Pattern of Diagnosis nine years ago in November. Well when some of you read this you will understand why this needs to be done as I owe my readers an update about what’s going on.
      Before you are pulling the “Too long; didn’t read” bullshit think about went down and turning someone unpublished when they were honest can happen to any one of us. Ramsey Campbell if you’re reading this and wanting to turn someone unpublished. Well when you deal with an industry where they encourage horror authors to be total pussies like Kealan Patrick Burke. If you’re offended by my thoughts; you’re a complete and total pussy and the word faggot also applies too.
      The first time I had the taste of Dial — it was when I was calling kids on the bus a pussy and why I was on the short bus when I was 12 years old was I gave a classmate the middle finger. So when writing my new stories if you’re going around encouraging piracy of my work — you have no soul when I get paid I am cut a check and will be paid by means of bitcoin too. I can’t really go like an octopus when I grocery shopped but the Octopus is sometimes the Broken Mindframe Books because I was born on the eighth month.
      “What are you working on right now?”
      A few things and got Issue 10 back online then working to get the others back online including Issue 12 which is a challenge. There are those who are still doing the witch-hunts and partied too soon with my work being out of market. So the whole thing with the industry being fucks and Christopher Johnson vilifying Dio calling him a “Satanic Rocker” didn’t sit well with me because there was anti-Italianism in that comment. So if you’re with that circle wanting to take a shit on being a horror author and my genre choice; do you dine on the shit you chew on? So tell me you can’t tell the difference between science fiction, horror and high fantasy or urban fantasy?
      I find it so fucking convenient how Christopher Johnson zeroed in on me as I was fired from CreateSpace.com as I have a photo floating around where I am flashing the cuckold horns at him.
      Well when you’re a publisher dealing with writers who only want to be solo acts — I never was used to being only a solo author. Though I have written seven solo titles.
      There is a lot of prejudice with mixed era anthologies and those who edit anthologies in general as it is but that is a direction I also plan to go too because Julian Hawthorne did this — there are some who are poor like me and I do these projects the one is more to help me get my honorary. Having someone claim I “take advantage of people” I give so much of myself where I stretch out my own expenses so you want to say I take advantage of people you have a lot of nerve lady.