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The magazine I publish;  The Ethereal Gazette as this is Issue Five.  Of all the issues I am reading of my magazine it's this one I am always going back to in each version I had published over the years.  This one is also one of the most Gothic but also the most memorable because it was the most personal release of the magazine.  This version I introduced with Scripture as the CreateSpace.com version but now it's brought over to TheBookPatch.    This story from Issue Five is now available on BookCountry.com with the photo that's with the story on the cover.

The magazine I publish; The Ethereal Gazette as this is Issue Five. Of all the issues I am reading of my magazine it’s this one I am always going back to in each version I had published over the years. This one is also one of the most Gothic but also the most memorable because it was the most personal release of the magazine. This version I introduced with Scripture as the CreateSpace.com version but now it’s brought over to TheBookPatch.
     This story from Issue Five is now available on BookCountry.com with the photo that’s with the story on the cover. The artwork on the cover of Issue Five is Alex Rivera as I co-designed this one like last time. You want this one — before Shipping and Handling it’s $10.00 but please keep in mind if you’re an AZ resident allow for sales tax. Those of you will see some of my book purchases in the TOC of the new anthology so stick around as TheBookPatch.com will close with their e-mail, “Stay Tuned..”
      There are a few who are from the Evangelical set I am in the same age bracket as the guy who wrote that Kiss Dating Goodbye book and Rebecca St. James as she explored dark subject matter. But I doubt she had listened to a Benedictum album or Metallica. This is something I found that helps this blog entry and hope to give those of my bracket a will to appreciate modern literature. You guys gave me shit for listening to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Voivod, Black Sabbath, watch horror film openly, and read H. P. Lovecraft. Deep down you wish you had a mother like mine who let you do that. I invite you to read An Eye In Shadows.

New material is underway and waiting for the introduction to be done for the anthology — I am doing some work with the copyright pages and the front matter. Then calibrating the TOC then waiting on the last parts. I am happy to say that one is nearly done then I can finish up on the ensemble project. I just wish that Horror Society realizes what I am saying is the truth and don’t harp on me when I say, “Look you had your cheap laughs but go after the plagiarist damn it.”
     I asked them did they think it’s funny when Brian Keene went after my SSN.
     They said nothing and responded with, “Stop tagging us.”
     Well if they are going to respond to Brian Keene and his bullshit someone needs to point out that Brian Keene is doing is bullshit. They need to listen to their hometown boy because I get no support from horror media except when I got in the Poe Museum and that’s been a few years now.
     I guess they didn’t think the argument would really get escalated. When you have my nonfiction work and my SSN involved it becomes escalated and Brian Keene accused me of plagiarism when I wrote The Vital IX. The cheap laughs where when Brian Keene was trying to defend the plagiarist as Drunken Tentactle Productions got my facebook account on block for a month — that’s not funny when you are trying to finish up an anthology and that’s your only facebook account you use.
     The whole thing with the industry is how can they really ignore truth?
     Well I am happy to say two months into TheBookPatch.com and so far so good; though I have a problem with a troll who is showing up as one of my characters (the main character from Spectral Exile.) I have a new freebie up on FictionPress.com too as that will be mentioned in this blog with the link as I got a 6 x 9 version of the first namesake in the hands of a bar out in Crest Hill, Illinois. Well when you realize that’s happening and trying to get Issue Five out there until I get my anthology done and ready — according to Ingram Spark this will be on Amazon.com when ready and I will be able to get these at wholesale. I have information for those who want to get ISBNS for $18.00-$19.00 as I can get that to you as I am doing this blog as I got the ISBN for Issue Five this way.
     “When is the other anthology going to be done?”
     I am still waiting on submissions to round that one out.
     I know one thing; Brian Keene will stop at nothing to keep me from getting back into circulation as he impersonated Porras. This really blows dick because I can’t really chat in facebook.com and having to get in touch with my contacts; I hope they are keen to using e-mail as that’s how I did this all along. The new story I am working on well it’s addressing ISIS/ISIL in a dark way. A few of my contacts sometimes don’t realize I do write fiction and this story I am working on is darkly allegorical as what happened in Paris, France. Some who are looking at this might not realize this happened before in 1995 as I was 18 when that took place; I was starting to keep my journal at the time too on paper but the groundwork for my journalistic outings were just starting to take shape.
     Well more or less I am happy to see Issue Five back at least and working to get the others back online but seems like I need to wait until my bills are out the way a bit because since my grandfather died. I don’t always have much for the publishing budget because it goes to my bills. Losing CreateSpace.com was a huge blow but I am recovering from it slowly but having my first and third book, then my first and second namesakes back online are a start. The fact that Melissa Creeger failed to register about is David Boyer happened under her watch. The thing that some of these critics need to realize I am always reading The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five for enjoyment as that is the one that was the most well received in Chicago. I can always get Legend Keeper and Game Over up later as I am going to use new artwork as an omnibus with new stories too to go with this too as I am going to include a lot of longer works with this omnibus too when I do this one. That is the issue that I think about when I think Martin Luther King’s Birthday because I was released from 12 Kellogg in 2007 on that day — the day before it I was released.
     “How can you justify saying I shouldn’t be published Creeger? When I had published veterans and the less fortunate.”
     Nothing — just lining her pockets with cash of those who are writing the books while we’re paying for her nice cars and cushy Summerville, South Carolina, home. Well let’s see what happens when my new publisher who is as on fire as the desert they hail from see a burst of Chicago winter emerging. They never seen a Chicago winter or experienced this unless they’re reading my work. But I am always going back and reading over The Pattern of Diagnosis thinking, “how am I going to perform this one live?” I am tossing ideas back and fourth with a few heavy metal performers and sent them the ePub of the story thinking they can toss ideas back and forth with me how I can pull this off. It’s ten years since I wrote this story (damn has it really been ten years?)
     The industry what I am seeing — well when it’s to me they see a conflict of interest because they are more interested in reading about Bram The Talking Wonder Dog than the real stuff. They can’t handle when the horror inside the fiction, well could be truly real. That’s the underlying thing that bothers many when they read my work they need a mood enhancer — they get done reading me and they have these dark emotions inside them too. Does it bother them they don’t like reading about Oak Lawn, Illinois, or is it more inviting with Thrall, New Jersey, a small town that only exists inside their head when the subdivisions I write about are real.
     “Do you even care about truth?”
     I guess that is something that is unsettling to them as one goes and supports Kealan Patrick Burke as I pointed out with him; where he writes his toughest story to date but I am always writing tough shit on a regular basis. The Conservative I took on corruption on a larger level as Legend Keeper, Cyber:Terror:Machine, and several other stories I wrote deal with this subject matter. He writes about child abuse I write about corruption. Corruption is a darker tinged subject matter and only in Chicago you can pull this off and touch a nerve — Blacked Horror Reality was that story designed for cyberspace and the e-medium. The Pattern of Diagnosis why I am going to remember that one for years is I told my late grandmother about the details of that just before I wrote the story that became this one — The Pattern Of Diagnosis to me is something quite special. J. T. Lawson just can’t take that away from me as she praised the plagiarist for stealing this story.
     My friends in Chicago learned about this and said, “What he did was not cool.”
     They remember how well received this story was when I tested it out in two places. Both places closed sadly — Excalibur closed and then Cafe Lura. Cafe Lura was the biggest argument with my then best friend too as he wanted to have half-assed drawn fliers to pass around — he embarrassed the hell out of me too doing it.
     The classmates well I was expecting some to pull this not Robert; but then again someone told me I should make my peace with him — been nearly six years since the falling out over David Boyer. I haven’t spoke to him since then and his wife follows me on facebook as I now have 61 public followers on my private account. Well when you have that many following you as well as added it means you’re making a slow impact on them; that’s why I am hoping that many grab Issue Five and rediscover it the way I did back when I originally published it — I am working on getting the others back online but that’s going to be a huge undertaking.
     It will be two years in July since I battled Lulu.com to get my entire catalog back.
     Also two years since I teamed up with Ingram Spark.
     They told me they waiting on me as I said, “You have to wait on the introduction lady.”
     They laughed at that one.
     I think that is funny too when I have more patience with this anthology than the others as I am patient with the ensemble too. I hate being late though with the anthologies though; but everything together it will be worth the wait. I wish I had this out in 2013 though to be honest; I haven’t had an anthology together since the second namesake project and I am eager to get something together an this anthology has a lot of research involved about each story — the stories I choose with the modern stories have copyright status not renewed or in public domain. As Martin Luther King, Jr related, “Science investigates, religion interprets, Science gives man knowledge, which is power. Religion gives man wisdom which is control.”
     When you think about it that way The Pattern of Diagnosis speaks of what MLK relates as you saw religion and science interweaving quite often. Though I had seen a blog about those who are anti-science. Think about that one a minute when it was an African-American man who gave me his Reeboks when I was carted into Christ Hospital with no shoes on my feet and just sock feet in 20 degree weather.
     I am waiting for another book to arrive as this interweaves with my anthology I am finishing up. The new anthology will have similarities to Issue Five with both anthologies coming out my story will be the darkest in the anthology and the second to last story is the nonfiction work. I am trying to create a unique and hip anthology with modern stories and the classics in a way where they will appreciate this as much as D.C. Talk’s book. (I am curious about this because I edited a book that size myself.)
     The new stories well what can I say of them; they are dark in nature and frightening to boot where one of them I started writing on back at the end of November it’s about 8600 words right now to boot. This anthology well the body of the book is 195 pages; the front matter will be four pages, the TOC will be four pages then the introduction is the dark horse factor. I just want to create a cool read for the masses and if they do ask questions about God let them ask but I am not going to force my beliefs down someone’s throat. Someone accuses me of being timid but when you’re dealing with King James Onlyists; you have to play this smart and I had provided information on my pinterest where one can obtain a Bible if they want this.
     I just wish that I wish others don’t go putting around memes and saying “favor” or “amen” because I wish they had more thought about what they post about –thinking of ideas and what one conceives. I am sure some would think when I post a blog like this, “he’s a fucking asshole if he’s going to be that real about everything.” Well think about it this way — I am not the one who would shove faith down one’s throat but that’s an aspect of my background. It’s not my style to post memes on my blog but I had found articles for those who had grown up evangelical as I do have quite a few friends who grew up like this when I lived in Glendale Heights, Illinois and exposed to Wheaton, Illinois.
     Come on you mean to tell me you never admitted getting pissed at God for some reason?
     Giving something to reason as we reason together yes?
     I am sure some who are reading this blog; the King James Only set are mad because I tell the truth about their myth. Well looking at this blog I hope someone ends up coming up with more substance to their ideas and thoughts when you watch the climate around Wheaton College, as this happened.
     before in 1997. You have the bad preachers for those who prey upon the good people and those are the ones who I hope find this blog and think about what I am saying — I am also pointing out with Muslims as I never posted anything that’s anti-Muslim on my blogs. I just waited for the right time to say something because I grew up around Muslims and they’re the ones who are trying to save our lives in the operating room.
     I am a Christian who is saying this about Muslims because when you lived in Glendale Heights and attended a public school; I get pissed when I see Christians who are speaking out against public schools. The King James Only Movement is notorious for this and Focus on the Family look there is a thing I am going to say we have freedom of choice and religious freedom. First Amendment is something that’s a double edged sword but those who stand in controversy and challenge is the ultimate measure of a man.
     The problem with Christians in the states too many stand in comfort and think about what they take for granted such as their Jesus Junk (yeah the trinkets and seen them around John’s Christian Bookstore when I was 18 years old. I looked them up in Carol Stream and looked like they closed — damn and the church I attended turned into a mosque. I am not mad because I had seen some of the climate that opened up around that era. Yeah I am talking about Holy Hardware — someone tried to give me one of these shirts and I wish he didn’t.)
     When you listen to heavy metal — I had seen something that made me smile a bit when it came to Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity. He said a bold statement about The Bible as I am guessing Rex also hints this too as he believes in God and the Ten Commandments. I have his book too and been starting to read on this slowly as I am working on my own writing projects — it’s been a long time since I read anything for pleasure these days but this is a start. Heavy Metal acts when they write a book seem to always write with someone as Charlie of Aftermath pointed out — I wrote An Eye In Shadows and my testimony out myself as I wrote my collections all myself too.
     My mother and I were talking and I asked about my father she revealed I have an aunt and uncle out there somewhere and a few cousins. I am wondering if they see this blog and wonder why this man blasts on their uncle the way he does; well that man is my father and he was never there. I got my birth certificate I kept my father off the thing as this is a copy of it and looking at it — trying to see if I can find historic footage of the house that was there.
     The house was torn down when they built up the area but I am hoping someone has the address handy. That would show the Roselle Historical Museum that my work does belong in there.
     All the books I picked up and one more coming — I am in for very engaging reads on every angle that I am looking at; that’s a long time coming as I am reading through the new anthologies the one almost done and playing with the Creative Commons license with the cover and the table of contents. I had a feeling Grandma helped me pick some of these short stories. I didn’t really know Grandma’s reading patters for the most part but some of her ghost books became part of my collection but I didn’t read the one until after I wrote Apt. #2W. What bothers evangelicals is I write in first person as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft or Richard Matheson had done — so I have to ask those who are out there, what other books have you read other than The Bible for enjoyment not enrichment?
     I know there are going to be many who cringe with this comment but don’t cringe because that will be where my anthology will come in and you don’t know how to approach those who are well read. That’s why I am working on this anthology as it will be something that you want in your collection for more than one reason — it will be something that is a conversation piece with the hip styling too like D.C. Talk’s own book. Those of you who never heard a AC/DC album and reading this blog go look for The Razor’s Edge as that’s the AC/DC album of my era that my friends had as I was listening to tape version. Hold a second there before you accuse me of preaching another gospel but think about what I am saying. Someone who became an author because I read the books that inspired Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, so those of you who seared their ears when they heard “fuck” uttered.
     The whole thing about letting unwholesome talk come out — what exactly is wholesome anymore?
     “That’s a cynical question.”
     Come on throw a AC/DC album in and pull out a Richard Matheson book then enjoy the ride. The world where money talks louder at times but when you’re eating at a pizza joint and slip a tract resembling a $20.00 bill knock it off there just give them the $5.00 bill and give them the tip.