Guest Book

Thank you for checking out the wordpress, and this will also be the guestbook for until I get the website updated. I should have that going soon but you an catch up with me on too. This blog is unmoderated for now but if it gets out of hand I will have to moderate entries before they go up. I had seen people get too abusive with the old journal. This is for those of you who want to interact with me on here, blogs seem to be for people who want instant gratification. I can get a bit dirty with some of the references here but I don’t want to be overly offensive. I was offensive last time and people had the blog frozen for a days.
     I hope you enjoyed your stay here. I can’t embed videos here so if you want to be a guest vlogger I will post those on IF you have a tumblr blog go ahead and share it here and I will follow it. Feel free to reblog some of the content there as long as it is the video format. That is allowed to be passed around in fair use but there is an abuse of the fair use argument.

Have Your Say Loser!

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