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Nickolaus Pacione is the author of seven books and the editor of nine anthologies, then 13 issues of a magazine called The Ethereal Gazette. He’s been published across the board for his short stories in Gothic Horror and some of his Science Fiction. The work he’s done in science fiction he can count on his fingers (his science fiction writing period stared on the verge of turning 28.) Though the horror stories are numerous within the genres of Gothic Horror and other styles of horror. Working to get them moved into the now re-teamed CreateSpace.com as the elder statesmen. This is an advisory role for those working with CreateSpace.com but must be in standing with Nick as his roster and personal friends know him as.
      He will not touch erotic horror with a ten foot pole – nor will he publish that sort of thing either. Because of his Christian background he stays away from homoerotic content in horror and believes there is no room for that in the horror genre especially in the kind of horror fiction he writes. His recent works as of 2007 he’s been more vocal about his Conservatism as he’s a card carrying Republican in Illinois. His influences in horror are H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King – he’s been compared to any of them as well at any time.
      His work had been recently had found its way into the Edgar Allan Poe Museum because of the anthology he’s edited called Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library of Unknown Horrors which is published in a website he’s then had a long a working relationship with. Until his most controversial work was released now re-teamed with CreatesSpace.com with a new found respect and a will to clean house. Pacione proved he is more than being self-published as an author but also got published with Tales of the Talisman twice, and with Withersin Magazine. He appears as the closing writer twice on anthologies New Writers of The Purple Page and Darkened Horizons: Issue 3.
      More about him can be found on AuthorsDen.com, FictionPress.com and An Author’s Journal. His books and anthologies can be found on Lake Fossil Press which is his publishing imprint company. He’s friends with blogger, Reverend Beast who he knew from middle school. He will use this blog for guests who want to do a blog or two about their health or nightmares as Pacione does when he writes on codexed.com. His photography is posted on tumblr.com and his longest running blog is on BlogSpot.com. His tumblr.com blog has a made a reputation for him as a journalist in weird news circles and heavy metal circles too as he goes in depth about his anthologies talking about what it was like before being published.. Known for his rivalry with author Mary Sangiovanni and on his company page he shows her most notorious comment in the wake of recent events. (Still want to like her page?)
      The career long feud where accusations flew and possible theft from museum of his most personal project — his gift to the horror genre is a museum in print. He kept his appearance the Poe Museum low key but his public page’s cover made a real impression for giving Edgar Allan Poe’s foster father the highway salute. Easy the most talked about photograph of his along with debunking Eric Hovind with a photo he took from 2007. Mary’s fanbase really hate Nick over some of his more notorious blow the belt cracks (as they are rather justified.) The photo of Pacione’s book being stashed in the purse had Nick fuming; anyone wanting to ask her questions about this go ahead and ask her. (Wishing those that stung her were fatal as in his insects from his book’s opening story.) That feud was born over his first anthology’s development as she actively stifled his projects. He revealed her hypocrisy in full view as she had gaping jaws of monstrosity as she treated lulu.com authors less than a person. She said his titles had shit layouts but look at hers more so with the authors who are on BookSurge when he was with the first run in 2004.

His Company: Started With One Anthology

Ask her to check her black leather purse?  Stealing is something not to joke about.   This anthology is the one they tried to steal from the Poe Museum.  Stealing is wrong from any place but man there are four books there.  (This anthology has a sequel,  the first book/collection and the third book; all joined the first namesake.) The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five fulfilled Poe's own journal he tried to start called The Stylus.

Ask her to check her black leather purse? Stealing is something not to joke about. This anthology is the one they tried to steal from the Poe Museum. Stealing is wrong from any place but man there are four books there. (This anthology has a sequel, the debut as a solo author and the third book all joined the first namesake.)
    The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five fulfilled Poe’s own journal he tried to start called The Stylus. I co-discovered Kevin Lucia as Alex Rivera from Issue Five weighed in on both of us and said, “You have the balls to use strong language.”

Fiction Over The Years:

Nickolaus Pacione’s main territory of fiction is horror and that is the thing that got him published with the publications The House of Pain, Clive Barker’s Demoriam, and a few other places online since he was 20 years old. He saw his work go to print on his 28th Birthday he was discovered by April Derleth when she was alive on Temple of Dagon and commended him on being in Reality Check: An Anthology Of Horror where Joni Latham did the final edits to get him in the anthology.
     He edited two namesake anthologies where the author he sought out to help him become The Ethereal Gazette wrote the introduction for the second namesake. Issue Five is the issue that easy accomplished what Edgar Allan Poe attempted to do before he died. The Cabbie Homicide as Pacione’s youngest cousin pointed out it was more potent than The Tell-Tale Heart. The first namesake was the second book to make it’s re-emergence. Pacione’s dominion is also on Codexed.com as he saw a reteaming with his old mates at Diary-X.com who helped him get published out of the box. Pacione became known for being able to insult rivals quite ruthlessly as one of them pulled their pants down on his nonfiction work.
     The anger he has as they preferred “Bram the Talking Wonder Dog” over a story which he got dark about his life the first time. This is not jealousy he addresses it but sense how they can’t handle reality that well. The pinterest.com he shown the subjects mugshots and the articles the Chicago Tribune related of both. For the first time it really gave Pacione a timeline as he wrote a story that is a parallel to this called Horror Author’s Real World.


He was published a few times with his nonfiction in the pages of Dark Gothic Resurrected, Withersin and Tales of the Talisman, his collection Dirty Black Winter has a few of his nonfiction pieces published in the collection and his magazine has been home for his nonfiction stories from time to time. Apt #2W is the story that got him published as N. A. Pacione. That is the name he goes by when he writes nonfiction.
     He published his five year memoir in the summer of 2007 which took a swipe at the industry and the direction the memoir took was when the publishers of his novellas were getting harassed for publishing him — his memoir is called An Eye In Shadows. He’s moving into CreateSpace.com with his catalog over his 2014 story costing him his lulu.com storefronts. Pacione fought tooth and nail to get everything back and the rivalry with the Lulu.com staff (not the authors as he still considers Lulu.com authors his friends. One author though started up with Pacione just after losing all his storefronts and called him out of name, mispelling it as “Nyck” as a way to get on his nerves.) Writing Suburbanite’s Confessional had the factions within the horror business still wanting him gone but has over 500 followers on Linkedin.com almost as many as the HWA’s facebook.com page. All his authored by books except for Game Over are now hosted on CreateSpace.com as pinterest paired up with WordPress.com can double as his storefront.

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