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Romans 2:1 From The New Living Translation

I found when I originally wrote this, September 27, 2001 and when being yesterday was Memorial Day — DieTrich Thrall mentioned United 93. Some you might be giving him a dirty look or two but I could see him hanging out with guys of Tourniquet and seeing a movie together — when you realize his heart is for the veterans; you’re on the same page as me as I publish them on the roster. Publishing them is my way of saying thank you for their service. My roster — some of them had fought for the right for you fuckers to protest. Especially when they have a movie they both like in common. If you disrespect someone who is either disabled or a veteran around me; you will hear from me and I am not going to be very polite about it. I am guessing Mary Sangiovanni’s parents were rural flower children who speak of being politically correct. politically correct around me I am burying it within a shallow grave.
      Even the guys of Motograter also like this one (Prometheus I saw that DieTrich Thrall, Motorgrator and the guys of Tourniquet have in common.) I think it would be cool if I could talk to Icon Showplace to do a heavy metal and film festival where you have heavy metal playing in between powerful movies. I can’t believe someone ripped United 93 and streamed the whole thing. I am going to make this one as the rental available to give Universial Studios some business via YouTube.com — Stephen King recommended this one. So I am going to embed the video so you can rent it. Some people were making this one available for free or there are ones that are around this too — the truth of Flight 93 is they fought back and took down the down the assholes. There was a heavy metal song played in Joliet which the band had a Savatage type feel — that track was called Let’s Roll. I was Todd’s age when I wrote Cyber:Terror:Machine and wrote of a New World Trade Center being rebuilt it happened in the recent years; they are almost done and that will mark the time for me to return to New York as I went there in 1993 — during the era of the first bombings.
      just I performed Hand of the Betrayer.  They heard me spout my version of a freestyle and they had me come on -- I had a little hand held notebook and scribbled it out almost like I used to in Elmhurst.  This doesn't reflect my beliefs now but you see a photo of an era.Todd has Glen Ellyn, Illinois, ties as I found out.
      He has Illinois ties; and I feel making Encumbering available in this form with the additional notes and the Youtube.com footage; I feel that it needs to get out there. This would been almost 13 years since his passing. 9/11/2001 was the Civilian Pearl Harbor. I am looking up Wikipedia.org about Todd; and revealed his Illinois ties. In 2005 Discovery Channel did a movie on this titled The Flight that Fought Back. There are Youtube.com channels archiving full TV movies and I featured some the movies that are streamed for educational purposes. The entry is 2,525 words so if you want to read this one — well it is on me but if you want Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape I do have this book on Lulu.com and if you jokers go around stifling me on Lulu.com. What if that was your family that’s close to poverty and on food stamps? I want to challenge those who stifle those who have very little to begin with or started with very little — threatening to take their house from them; what if that was a 9/11/2001 widow or widower they threatened like that or a veteran as Brian Keene had done both of these. There was a site who zeroed in on my cover because of what some fake named Journalist known as “Russel Nayle” had been doing and they refuse to let me speak my peace on that one. When I wrote Lake Fossil and its sequels — the reason they were set in the 1990s I wanted to show people New York the way I remembered it and Chicago during the era of 9/11/2001 was a very disturbing time because I almost was arrested because I made an Edgar Allan Poe like comment speaking to some of Chicago’s finest. That was the only time I was almost arrested until they saw my briefcases I had with me and let me go when they did realize I was just a writer.
      When I did JournalCon 2001; I didn’t realize I wrote the most powerful journal entry I’ve done during this era so I am finally revisiting it with the video footage from the era to capture the true atmosphere of this one during the era I wrote it. I pulled this out for my new readers to show them a little where I came from at the time — thsi is when Robert Champion caught up with me but he seemed to forget about that era; well I didn’t and when I became published with The Seasons of Black September and cut The Cabbie Homicide out of there — I wish I included Encumbering in the second collection as I was also introduced with this one on AuthorsDen.com. I am pulling out something from this era that was on the radio just after the events of 9/11/2001 some of you might get mad at me for pulling out some Nu-Metal for this one but if you want a feel for the era of Encumbering this would be that one that will work with it’s effectiveness as I connected with A Place of Skulls around the era when KoRn came out with their album Untouchables. I am playing these things because they mark an era — a very historic era where this style of heavy metal was on full display and put guitarists who shred in prison and forced them back underground; and having been connected with Head on Myspace.com during the 2007 era.
      The song Alone I Break does define the year between 2001-2002 as this came out during that period. So I figured the best way of showing this one is with what was out during the era — as I was more underground when Korn emerged to the bigger landscape and my readers got me Amorphis’ CD Am Universum. True Metal Nation might not allow me to feature this blog on there because of who I choose for this presentation but I wanted to show an accurate reflection of this era. What this community in the time — they really didn’t want to understand how dark some of us really were about the events of that day — The Seasons Of Black September I was showing what we really felt during that era what we really thought.
      As I was saying we’re at war at that moment — and France didn’t understand why we were like this; wanted to see the Al Queda bleed for what they did. One aspect of my project I want if you’re of my generation — and if you can remember where you were and what you were doing the day of these events and if you traveled how did the way you traveled changed. I am sure some of you in California are having flashbacks to happened in L.A. in the events of Santa Montica. So when you see different turning points in history growing up during those eras or had came to age in those eras; you will see a sense of strength that comes out of it. Then when I see someone telling me, “You should be a Liberal” let me show some of you who say this something — my roster who are the most vocal on there are the more Conservative; and some are Tea Party Patriots. Look at this forum post and re-think what you’re suggesting.
      You’re dealing with a President who doesn’t know a damn thing about international diplomacy as this is a joke of what he almost invoked with Russia — so those of you who think George W. Bush didn’t do a good job; you were really not paying attention to the news in 2001 and the events after this day that too place in 2001. What happened in New York when I was barely turning 25 years old is part of the reason what too place in Afghanistan that lasted 14 years — I doubt what Obama did was going to resolve it as he’s known as The Great Compromiser. The only thing he did right was kill Bin Ladin; but what everything else he does is compromise and compromise some more. The world of hurt that the Al Queda felt — and the song that one describes Obama is Overkill’s World of Hurt those of you who don’t remember this one — it was a CD I owned back in the 1990s and reunited with this one via Spotify.com and gives my memoir more sting as this is goes with my memoir too. When you see your reality becomes a waking nightmare belonging to another; as what you saw on September 11, 2001. A horror film that was played out, except that horror — was real as me. When you’re writing horror or science fiction — you’re approaching subject matter that does no easy answers when you ask difficult and thought provoking questions. People remember you when you’re thought provoking.
      I am a patient man who can take a city — so think about this when you come join me on this venture; stifle something like this then I have to ask you what kind of person are you then? If a publisher is offering a movie to rent on their blog — what other publishers do this; it allows on to really think about that about the nature of one’s character. My reasons for being published are beyond me; they’re bigger than I am. This project I am doing is bigger than all of us — so if you look at this video and watch some the youtube.com videos on my blog or some being you read An Eye In Shadows and being of this era; what was your world like during those years and your world was like when history changed? This generation I am addressing — we’re the generation seen this unfold in our living rooms; when the channels multiplied as we became fruitful in the wake of demise. I am not looking for those who write to get laid or wainting to do some kind of writing only to be cool — where I write of subject matter that’s not exactly popular. If you treated me like a dick — and I know your address; I am mailing you a fucking I.O.U. sweatshirt as I associate those shirts with bullying as Createspace.com is associated with this.
      “Why don’t you kill yourself and write a story about that?” one classmate said to me and that earned her a spot in Game Over and a Media Darling style demise — a punishment suitable for MySpace.com Mom years ealier. I guess you were huffing Aqua Net in your parent’s basement — as something my roster joked, when she caught onto the freebasing hair spray and moose abuse. Well in the era of Legend Keeper this kind of crap was around too; but the events of the character chronicling in the story all the modern era events are written as a history book from hell. My Legend Keeper re-imagining of me — is when I have a longer mullet with the Boy Scout Beret, the boy scout top and black Levi’s then my basketball shoes in the story are a 1980s version of my 1992 Converse as I had the black ultra-highs. Oh I am going to have some fun re-imagining me for that story (based on our Eagle Scout in my second troop) — the Legend Keeper version will look almost like the Library of Bones and The Cabbie Homicide era. Everything I watched now of the past when it was our present is the things that call to mind writng this one — so this anthology is going to be the book that’s a sister project to An Eye In Shadows.
       This was a sister book to Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. If anyone is in touch with Alishia Mannings, I want her to join me on this one as she read Past Scars and apologized because of this one. Hard to believe there were some who apologized because of that one — Media Darling is what happens when it’s too late for you. Stygian Dealer it is reflecting a more plausible 2010s than what I dreamed up when I wrote The Storms of Armageddon which was a retro-cyberpunk (cyberpunk with retro-science fiction traits.) With the Illinois presence — I am looking to publish five to six but I am looking national and international rosters with one too; playing up my reputation for global rosters with this one as I am looking for not only South America but also India, Iran, Germany, and Japan. Iran — you guys be careful as Christians there had been arrested. My private facebook I lurk around as Nickolaus A. Pacione; if you had parted company with me from back in the day — sometimes you can’t keep up with those who have friends who’s drawn a lot of media buzz because they appeared on WGN or in SPIN Magazine.
       “I hope you die alone,” another responded when they learned of my five year memoir, I could sy something in Italian where they might not understand it. I am going to ask the question in Italian, “Quindi dici che dovrei morire da solo. Cosa diavolo hai fatto a vent’anni? Hai quasi quarant’anni e nel 2012-2013 lavorare presso un Jack in una scatola poi un albero di dollaro – in verità tu davvero non dovrebbe essere martellare in qualcuno che è veramente creativo. Soprattutto quando uno ha ottenuto loro influenze principali nella loro vecchia high school e nella loro fanciullezza casa. Quando voi soffocare qualcosa che è iniziato il loro compleanno? Un compleanno dove hanno girato i ventotto. Ho trovato il mio lavoro in una Museo-Biblioteca – Edgar Allan Poe Museum nel 2011 e mano consegnato un progetto, io e il mio primo libro e libro terzo ha aderito. Che è successo sull’anniversario di morte di Poe nel 2012–vi stava cercando di ottenere un compagno di classe di unirsi a me con una video macchina fotografica a portata di mano il secondo progetto omonimo perché non credo che e voleva una documentazione di questo come questo sarebbe stato interessante fare un documentario. Quel libro di memorie di cinque anni e la mia prima raccolta di racconti finì per unirsi a loro. Quindi pensare a questo come non riesci a capire italiano..–come ho detto questo uno alla mia famiglia che sono rimasti in Italia; Se qualcuno sa come usare Bing e istruito a se stessi. Ciò che avete compiuto se non hanno realizzato nulla a tutto fiato patate Se si va a Richmond, in Virginia e trovare questo ci – sanno della nostra città natale, ma quello che ho intenzione di fare con la nostra città natale. Uno di loro bene per me, come ho due città dicendo: mi piace creare da miseria altrui?” as I used this insult in my novella – kids if you want to piss off the Irish mutter this in Italian.
       Holy Shit! [::Laughing, oh Gawd no::] She’s the embodiment of my female character in The Fandom Writer — the thief with a word processor who is playing with fan fiction in their forties and working behind a cashier at a fash food place. Oh my God this makes The Fandom Writer even funnier than when I first wrote this one ten years ago! This gave the story an extra sting when you realize you went to school with someone like this. Where she is — well it’s about the same size as my adoptive public hometown of Joliet, Illinois. Would my style of horror be plausible in a desert landscape? Anyone wants to try my Storm Menace style in Peoria, AZ, as they named it for our Peoria. When your far-off local friend who died when he was 35 years old who grew up in a city the size of the one you called home for almost most of your 20s and 30s. If you’re working in a place like that — you shouldn’t be tearing down someone who had sold work doing what they love. I might not make a lot of money as what I do but what I said in Italian; it might touch a few nerves if you grew up where she did and she left years after me but sometimes I have returned to Glen Ellyn or Villa Park but timing it right to do an event right in Glendale Heights where moshing is permitted. But when I am revisiting Glendale Heights with Legend Keeper I am re-imagining it as it would look in the 1990s back in the 1980s.
      If I can do a 2800-2900 word blog entry — then what’s 2400-3500 words for you? Either a Christian testimony that doesn’t sound like Poppa Hagin or the types who became Sermonizers who didn’t graduate from high school as they are the young earth types. If you want to contribute something that would be akin to a journal with dialog — I am looking for these too if they are paranormal that’s a plus. They see The Bible as a scientific book! But if you want to join me on this — I do have pages and pages of notes as pdfs I’ve written out as articles and such; but if you are a classmate and feel burned by what I say in this blog entry or previous blogs. This anthology lets you get it off your chest; blow off some steam. If you saw something of my work that angered you — this is your chance to get back at me; I can take it I’m an adult. But the question is can you take getting hammered into by a public figure? Before Among Shadows and The Cabbie Homicide and eventually the ones that are the 3000 word ranged ones; the one that got a lot of draw on diaryland.com whey they were around was Encumbering.
      So you all want to join me — if you have Open Office; well if you are my generation and not endorsing the attraction of members of the same sex — then you’re welcomed to join me. I publish when I see the full line up and get 180 pages in the body — not til then. So the train won’t leave without you there, or you won’t miss your flight if you go flying on an airline. 2002 saw a subject matter become more personal too as I played off my nightmares and from my health too — when I was having to see doctors for my physical health and during this era the community I ran became worried about me because I burned the candle at both ends. During this era as I have some these lost photos on Google+ Plus you see an era before Carrie Monster and I really hated each other — there was a time we did get along, uneasy but we did. Those of you who are like me who normally wouldn’t have KoRn pulled out on Spotify.com but I am trying to show a polaroid of an era; that era was between September 11, 2001 and when I first wrote Library of Bones, Among Shadows and The Cabbie Homicide. You want to see this on become vilified I will show you that entry that puts her on par with the classmate who said I will die alone — Casting the Stones.