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The one who bitched the most about An Eye In Shadows — what had she accomplished since she left the area. She is not an artist or a writer; what does a death of a classmate has an effect on a person or how does it affect them in a way? I think what’s going to happen when Legend Keeper is finished a lot are going to either get a kick out of it or get pissed at what I did — either way the effect is going to be cool as hell,
      I know what Robert told me when I showed him this, “You’re having fun with this one.”
      Damn right I am — that all that counts with this one; and I think I might toss in a bonus new story in there when I get this done too. If I can get four to five other writers in on this party to hammer out some novellas that are 19,000-20,000 words to include with Legend Keeper and have Legend Keeper as the closing story for this it might be cool to see. I think Legend Keeper is my masterpiece that tops When Angels Wept Blood and Stygian Dealer. The freaky aspect of Stygian Dealer is I speak in low whisper or very casually say dark things.

      “You know I think you do some things out of shock value,” another says. Well when one is an artist and author there will be a lot of mixed reactions. Well if you let things eat you up and not have an outlet for it — that’s where you fuck yourself there. Especially when I learned one of the publishers who became almost like Sherri Parker in many ways and what she was known for is very unnerving to me. I think the ones who are going to be reading this one — they are going to think about what it is like to say the dog ate my homework.
      What those motherfuckers would say when they still at home — when they say, “I would rather spend time with my family than enter something that would drive me mad, and go cut your fucking hair.”
When you have someone from your old hometown approving what you do and another promoting you on there wall — it makes what I do all worth while. I think it’s fun when you get that response but the ones who are picketing me because I say something controversial or wrote something controversial; where I heckled one of them in Italian. Where she looks like the damn fool there — but when you think about that; what has she done in the last 20 years?
      “I hope everything you do….fops!” yeah I could see her saying.
      But what clearly has she done that she will remember except for that jobby job with a fucking name tag on her. Well I have no problem with people like that if they are doing something bigger with it to help fiance a career or help get discovered; but when they are 38 years old and don’t work behind a word processor or just playing on their fucking mobile phone. I had a very cool discussion which was my think tank on how to take Legend Keeper — I was laughing because I had those from my hometown saying, “I am truly am in The Twilight Zone.”
      Someone figured out my research as I was looking up old gang crime reports and watching documentaries on the subjects where The Drive By Ghost and An Eye In Shadows were written. I am going to find the right artist that will do Legend Keeper justice. I am going to share this with you guys on tumblr as I am writing this — I have something in mind for Emanations I am brain storming; as I was turned down from Creative Nonfiction with the one story. I guess the supernatural subject matter was too much for them but thank you to them for reading this just the same. The one who said I am a fucking wannabe — I am tempted to look up Peoria Public Library and send them Tabloid Purposes IV; just so the loser can see my title staring right at her every time she visits.

      If anything she really has nothing — though she has her family other than that what really does she have? I shared that exchange with one of my new readers — and some the classmates who are cool to hang out with me and my friends on other sites; I am going to invite them to meet my readers who received me rather well. What has she done with her life since she left — maybe she can co-write a scathling book about me with the help of Marc Lyth because I am sure that little faggot wants to get back at me for what I said in Italian. I guess they can co-write with abisource.com because I am sure she can get enough dirt on me if she bugs Brian Keene and Karen H. Koehler because if anyone would love to cowrite with her on this would be Koehler she has a real axe to grind.
      I am sure she would love to see An Eye In Shadows in her public library where my mug is staring at her every week; I think I am coming up with ideas as I speak with the new stories here and there — I wonder what it is like when someone like her ends up moving to Rockaway, New Jersey with their least favorite resident. Well with this new one — it’s now 29,900 words. I am playing with an idea of having another like Stygian Dealer in process; but a little shorter — where this classmate encounters H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe as they are reading my magazine.
      You know it’s a funny thought, Lovecraft, Poe, Serling and Matheson hanging out in the Carol Stream Denny’s of Stygian Dealer. Being as they are all 29 years old thinking what this long haired kid from a bedroom village had done. You know guys if you want to do submissions and feature her as a character in a magazine submission; by all means be my guest. I will have my guidelines posted on the blog and if you are looking to be a model (you must be female to solo model; but if you are a male you must be present with your wife and no nudity please with either models. I have cool ideas for both though to work with and if you want suggestions for them. E-mail me and I will get them to you.) I have the ideas for both and they have story lines with them — so if you can get within the story line, I will check them out. I am thinking Victorian meets Contemporary with some photos so have some fun with this.
      If you have ideas you want to bring to the table with this one by all means — I am open for ideas. There are a wide range of subject matter I just want for the magazine alone — and I go to print when I see it filled as goes with the anthology too. Just giving a lot of meat on the bone with this — with the magazine I will take Alternate History (1960s-1970s, 1980s-1990s) too if you got that. So if you want to send me something like that read up on your history of the era if you were not even born yet. If you have ideas where to go with it too — have fun with this as with the magazine there is no higher end age limit with submissions but you must be at least 17 turning 18 years old before considering unless you know you have something you want published and are in high school still.

      So if you want in on this magazine — just follow my tumblr.com and stick around for my guidelines; if you can do a 2800 word entry on your blog on average then a magazine submission will be no big deal to you. If you are a classmate who got pissed about my memoir — the anthology is your vehicle to get a little payback on me if you want; I will even fucking publish you if you still call me a wannabe who makes no sense.