God what the hell is wrong with my generation? This guy is my second oldest cousin’s age as my cousin is a father; this doesn’t add up ror me though — welcome to Chicago; where this fucked up shit happens quite often. And you wonder why city horror authors have the most venom when we write horror. Just look no futher than the blogs and the news. I am working on a new story right now and reblogging this for Tabatha’s camp because a lot of her roster needs to learn how to research their material closely because that’s what my roster is known for because some of them are journalists and have worked for newspapers before joining the roster. Some of them are formal journalists; I had some journalism training compared to Anderson Cooper who had no journalism training at all. What does that Globalist Shill make of something like this?

CBS Chicago

(CBS) — A court hearing is set for Monday for a 36-year-old Chicago man accused in the death of a 2-year-old boy last summer, reports WBBM’s Steve Miller.

Two-year-old Mickel Brown died last summer after drinking methadone, which is used to treat drug addiction.

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Cook County prosecutors say Michael had been left in the care of 36-year-old Reginal Brown of the 1400 block of South Kedvale and that the night before Mickel Brown died, Reginal Brown’s girlfriend, a drug user, slept over and left a cup of methadone out and Mickel drank it.

The State’s Attorney says Reginal Brown saw the two-year-old drinking the methadone but did nothing. He is now being held on $350,000 bond.

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